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  1. I was just wondering the other day about where all the old US Postal team ended up and what they're up to now . . . . Tyler, Roberto Heras, Floyd, Levi, Victor Pena, Dave Zabriskie etc . . . . .
  2. A kid I sometimes work with (here in Spain, obvs) was caught on his phone by the police a couple of weeks ago. 1000 Euro fine, 6 points and compulsory accident prevention training at a traffic centre an hours drive away . . .
  3. Hi Dips . . . good to hear from you. This thread was started while you were AWOL I'm sure . . . . Re - the "specific details" of what we're doing / what we need etc, we have to be vary careful how much detailed information we put out there on Public Forums. You wouldn't believe the Spam/Phishing Emails/Messages we already get! Usually they are easy to spot. When the "widow of Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi" mails you asking you to help get her late husbands fortune out of Libya you know you can delete it right away - but when you get mails or messages talking about "Your Project" they can be a little harder to spot. If we put too much specific info out there and start getting stuff from what seem to be genuine people who are "in the know", it would be a nightmare. We do chat via Private Messaging to Hubbers who are interested in Investing. 🙂
  4. Bonus

    Who remembers?

    Was coming down a hill pretty fast today on the MTB, marvelling at how great disk brakes are and remembering how, as a kid, I'd stick my takkied-foot against the front tyre to slow down when the brake pads wore out but I still wanted to ride my bike . . .
  5. Took a guy from Holland out for a few hours of MTB guiding the other evening. He was here camping with his family, although not at the campsite I'm working at this summer. After riding and chatting for a bit, he wanted to see our "project". He knows a man who knows a man . . . you never know!
  6. Bonus

    Who remembers?

    I thought it was all very well done and the excitement leading up to it was great. Guys selling flags and door mirror covers at the robots, everything. England predictably failed to deliver, the French team fell out with their coach and "went on strike" but the tournament as a whole I thought went very well. Of course Spain won in the end - and I live in Spain now, so people are often happy to hear about what it was like to be in SA at the time. My sister lived near Waterkloof at the time and I remember them sending up jets during every game to patrol the skies . . .
  7. Bonus

    Who remembers?

    Listening to music and remembering the Soccer World Cup 2010 - opening game - RSA/Mexico and this cracking goal......
  8. Every year we get a week or so of crazy hot weather in August. I mean August is always nice and hot, but a week or so of temps exceeding 40 degrees. This year has been no exception and over the last few days we’ve topped out at 41 and 42 degrees several times. When it’s that hot you struggle to do anything, even thinking straight is hard! Like everyone, we do the best we can under the circumstances. Drop the outside blinds to keep the sun out of the flat during the day, drink plenty and swim in the river in the evening to try and cool our body cores down! Sleeping is hard, just sitting still is hard. I’m glad I finish work at 2:30 every day, because the afternoons are just too hot to work in unless you’re in somewhere with aircon! Yesterday the temps dropped a few degrees and today they should drop a few more. We’ll have 30 as a max instead of 40 – which will be lovely. I’m looking forward to getting on the bike again after a week off. Thankfully we did have a cracking thunderstorm in the middle of the very hot spell and that settled the dust for a day or so. Let’s see how the next week goes . . . .
  9. edit: If they're still there tomorrow, and if I get 2 mins to spare, I'll have a chat
  10. The Landy had a Belgium number plate, and Belgium is next door to Holland - so quite possible a South African connection..... 😉 I was very impressed with it - you could get up to some amazing places from here.
  11. I guess this incident could be added to those "bad day at work" vids I see on YouTube . . . .
  12. Summer season is in full swing here and it's great. This really is a fantastic time of the year. The campsite is keeping me busy until 2.30 seven days a week, then it's home for lunch and a Siesta and then a swim in the local river for an hour around 5pm. Evenings I'm out riding then we have supper around 10pm and in bed at midnight. Restaurants are open now until after midnight and the fiesta mood is here 🙂 I'm seeing some amazing camper vans at the campsite, this one caught my eye the other day. You could take it way up into the mountains on a rough fire road and camp literally anywhere I think! (can someone tell me why some of my photos are loading sideways on the Hub since the upgrade? The pic is fine on my computer . . . )
  13. Since this is a thread that covers a bit of everything, what on earth happened at Medupi on Sunday night?
  14. I think that's about it. Trout in the 2 rivers leading to the dams and some pretty big monsters in the actual dams themselves..... I'm not a fisherman but a friend is and he regularly catches fish to take home and eat.
  15. He could stop at the side of the road for a coffee and still win.
  16. These youngsters fighting it out!
  17. This is where I'd have watched if I'd have gone . . . .
  18. I nearly went through to Saint-Lary to watch todays stage but I would have needed a Covid Test and paperwork, so in the end I just didn't go. The climb from Saint-Lary up to the summit on the Col de Portet is about 16km long and not particularly steep - in Tour terms anyway. I've ridden it as part of a social ride just before the Tour went up it last, in 2018. It was fun. The Roadies overtook me on the way up and I roasted them and their skinny tires on the way down!!
  19. Its scorching hot here on the southern side of the Pyrenees, but my weather App predicts rain in Saint-Lary this afternoon..... we will see......
  20. Hope no one loses it on the descents. Roads look slippery.
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