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  1. Surprised the football player isn't next to the cyclist wriggling, rolling and screaming in fake 'penalty pain'.
  2. Howdy, Karkloof in the KZN Midlands is a great riding spot. Plenty trails through the forests and pretty well marked too.
  3. Running Hope Tech 3 V4...what I've learnt since COVID - finding pads has been a nightmare. Thankfully CRC have stock. Replacement parts should be a top 2 consideration. Although the V4s were readily available COVID changed that. 200mm rotors also help. A lot! Hope Tech
  4. Great points. There's no doubt about it...e-bikes are probably the future. The problem though is that by the time the bikes, along with the battery, are lighter how much will a bike cost then? Prices have sky rocketed the last 2 years. It will probably be cheaper to by an Electric motor bike. No pedalling or complicated drive drain required. The remainder will be doing what we do now...pedaling a bike up hill & enjoying every minute of it. No matter how rough or tough.
  5. I'm using the Hanz Dampf [rear] and it works perfectly. Much better suited for my riding than a Nobby Nick. Magic Mary upfront ftw. Should add using - 29 x 2.35 Addix Orange / Soft. Speed / Blue and speedgrip / red will roll quicker but don't have the toughness of the orange and purple variants.
  6. We established, after the fact, that my Fiancèes Physiotherapist, at the time an anti COVID libtard, affected her after a torture session. Said physio was a super spreader and went on to infect family, friends and colleagues. Fiancèe recovered after a bout of persistent coughing and the usual fever, fatigue, loss of taste / smell etc. I ended up in Hospital for 6 days. Thankfully not ICU but in a secluded ward with a breathing support through my nostrils (not intubated or ventilator). This was mid November and I've just started getting back into the fitness routine. As they say...the struggle was real.
  7. Try out JMBC; they have out rides on Sundays in and around JHB. From there you'll get to know about all the other groups the club members ride with.
  8. Shuttle days. The perfect combination for ME! I wasn't aware there were rules. My general riding wheels are MM 2.5 up front and Hans Dampf 2.4 rear. Please post the tyre options you feel are warranted for SAs condition.
  9. For the rougher stuff (29er)- Assegai 2.5 rear and Magic Mary 2.6 (purple soft). Much prefer the Assegai at the back.
  10. Crazy how prices have jumped up. Bought the RC Hellions a few months ago for R2300 :| great shoe! The AMPs are awesome too!
  11. I just had some helmet and fork decals done with Nic - https://m.facebook.com/BallisticBikeArmour/ - He is based in KZN and shipping was R75. The decals are really awesome. There were some strange helmet images I provided him with and everything looks fantastic. Really high quality, thick and glossy prints. Now looking at some designs to wrap a few sections of my bike.
  12. I'm not aware of any stores that sell LEATT. Purchased all my gear on line; thankfully sizing has been spot on for (I usually wear medium for clothing (non cycling specific) related except gloves. LEATT - DBX 4 FF(M), large gloves, m/l knee & elbow pads & m/32 shorts. The LEATT products are really top quality. 2021 gear is practically sold out (online) in most sizes except for real man sizes - +xl
  13. Recently got a pair of RC Hellion. Great fitting shoe and really has a really solid build and can be walked in without looking like a duck. The rubber is a little less grippy than my 5/10s but is perfectly suited for longer non technical rides [i.e. not shuttle days].
  14. keithbe

    Lyne hub

    Really great hub and the engagement is instant and go nicely with an AMP wheel.
  15. Tech 3 v4 are awesome. Major problem - trying to find pads at the moment is impossible globally; whereas Shimano and SRAM have endless supplies locally.
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