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  1. It is about R1570 incl. I did mine about 3 weeks ago.
  2. What I do not understand is that all you guys still try and understand woman!!?? That to me is more confusing than having an interest in road cycling...
  3. NotSoBigBen, thank you very much for your assistance! the owner and the bike have been reunited!! Thanks a lot to Phillip and Magda Swart who picked up the bike and for being honest about this. it just shows that there are still good honest people out there! apologies for only reporting back on this now. only have access to a computer now. This is really truly a great experience we had with this whole misshap!! thanks for everyone that had part in recovering this bicycle. Regards Zarius
  4. Dear hubbers!! My brother in law lost his bike off the bike rack over the easter weekend! They did not see the bike was gone off the rack until stopping for fuel. They spoke to the petrol attendant and another vehicle overheard the conversation and told them that they saw the bicycle about 10-15km back and put the bicycle on the side of the road. he drove back 2 times but could not find the bicycle. it is a Silverback Mercury1 Dual Suspension XL 26" black, red, silver and white with Shimano XT Tubeless wheels. got a 3x10 SLX Groupset If anyone has maybe seen or picked up this bike please give me a call on 082 334 3794 we would really like to get this bike back. thanks for taking the time to read this unfortunate story. Regards Zarius
  5. Everyone seems to be trying to get the most value for their bike! Trying to sell it for what they as owners think it is worth?! Sometimes I wonder if guys finance bikes and then try and sell it to settle the debt type thing? Willing buyer, willing seller defn applies!
  6. Anyone can sleep in hotels or camper vans if they pay for it. Remember that the Pro's Sponsors also fork out a lot of money for these things.
  7. in today's life sense of humor keeps us alive! just love this reply... hahaha
  8. both these statements are true, but the taxi's do exist and they are not the best drivers so I did need the helmet!!
  9. I Do believe that it is a Safety feature. I was hit by a taxi about 5 years ago now and my Bell was in three pieces. I had a little bit of concussion and couldn't remember to lekker for a day or two. (Actually up to today I still forget things) Doctor's comments said that if I did not have a helmet on my head I probably would be here today. weather we believe that it is a safety tool or a myth does not really matter. Cycling rules determine that we should be wearing helmets. that's that for me obviously!
  10. this exercise is going to be a very expensive one for you! that is definitely a crack in the frame. (a crack in the paint is generally a straight line. I SAID GENERALLY) You should really listen to the advice here and send this bike back. Jy het 'n gat in die sak gekoop! Don't like it so much that you sit with trouble. You will not get away cheap here
  12. So the get your GF to type a answer for us then?!
  13. That is one hell of an important Someone else's in that sentence. Pancakes with Caramel Treat! There is an idea for you guys! (Think I just realised why I am struggling to loose weight!?)
  14. If it tastes like tieties in the neighbourhood then obviously it is not Koeksisters!!...
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