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  1. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23825644-everything-you-need-to-know-about-bicycle-chains
  2. I still get boggeroll... Will whuuuuusah for a bit and try later.
  3. Not sure if I am being dof or if there is something wrong with efiling page, but I cannot find my 2021 ITR12... I can see all prior years but not 2021 (?)
  4. I used these guys two years ago while in France and rented a bike for a week. Best... decision... ever... https://bcyclet.com/ Very professional and easy to use.
  5. Anyone ever fit a fourth bike adaptor onto a EuroWay G2 three bike carrier? Can only find info on fourth bike adaptor for 3-bike Velocompact but can't see a reason why it won't fit on a 3-bike Euroway....?
  6. Well, it did go out 30 minutes late and back on time, so we scored a little. And we're now reduced to 2h30 sheds; no 4h30 jobbies anymore. Assuming you're in 2A of course...?
  7. Because I ate two. How many did you ate?
  8. I did a R3k one yesterday. The terminal requested a pin for this one. No biggy... What I found at Checkers on Sunday, was a no-tap policy for transactions over R400. You could not tap your card or Garmin to complete the transaction. Obviously nothing to do with Garmin Pay or Bank limitations/restrictions and a policy implemented by the store. I suspect the limitations around values could be a combination of Garmin Pay "rules", bank specific "rules" and also vendor/shop card machine allowances/limits/rules.
  9. Really...? I didn't know December was the new April.
  10. You left out "shot down in flames" as an option on top of bored, dreaming or crazy. You see: it's probably a case of checking whether an item is available before plucking up the courage and entering into a conversation with the other half, on why you need to spend more money on cycling bits. Many of the 10-15 people asking you the question most likely got the evil eye when asking for permission, and hence not getting back to you... and I'd say a fair amount probably bailed before even getting to the point of asking. By the way: is it available?
  11. City by-laws also state that only permitted vehicle in parks are bicycles and that the speed limit is 5km/h. How many cyclists in parks do you think are on the right side of the law when it comes to this one?
  12. Easy. When you have NX and want GX, anything can "happen"........
  13. What's that PLUS goetertjie on your profile?
  14. https://bike-addict.co.za/products/ciovita-vindex-mens-2in1-jacket-gilet
  15. Hi Andrew, Just placed an order, paid and selected collect option. Can I pop in anytime to collect (Northcliff) or do I wait for an email to advise?
  16. Was hectic hey? Coming down Rustenburg road past Victory Park shopping centre and traffic on the Spruit looked like there was a JUMA going on.
  17. Sorry to read about your shorts, but seriously now: where you guys getting all these pies you talk of?!?!?!? I'd kill for a Shell Select sausage roll right now.
  18. jis.... ek is so opgewonde soos 'n dominee wat op honeymoon gaan!
  19. Entrance is on the main road between Kleinmond and Betty's - permit is R50 these days. Easy ride; 11km in and the same 11km out
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