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  1. We've asked for Forum discussions to talk about bikes. There are still some Off Topic discussion for the fluffier, less controversial topics. The threads we've closed have been beaten worse than a dead horse, adding zero value beyond frivolous entertainment for some. That's not an over the top expectation from a cycling Forum. We don't need any reminding where Bike Hub has come from. Surprise, we were there too. But in the past, we've been slack at moderating. This approach allowed a lot of things that are unacceptable to happen including many things we've been embarrassed to have attached to Bike Hub. It's not the vision we had for the website and we're paying for it by trying to correct that course now. We put a lot of ourselves into maintaining and building it. We want to be able to take pride in the content it hosts. In the process, we're going break some segments of the community and lose people. We've come to terms with that. If you want to have constructive conversations about cycling, then Bike Hub is the place. There is still lots of value in that. If you want somewhere to fill your day with locker room shenanigans and banter with the lads, it is probably no longer that place. And again, I think that's a reasonable expectation for a cycling Forum. Who knows, it might even make the community more welcoming and inclusive, and more popular than ever as a resource for cyclists. It also might not but at least we tried. And you are right. If Bike Hub were the forums alone, the servers would have been turned off years ago. The 'evils' of the Classifieds keep the lights on but we do see the value in the Forums beyond just the bottom line. This year alone we dedicated a couple months of development time (this means salaries and neglecting work on profitable projects) to upgrading the platform. It was a massive project and took a huge effort from the team. We did this because we still see the value that the forums add. To then hear that we've turned our back on it is a little grating. The Classifieds is thriving and we get feedback daily from those using it (spoiler: it's largely positive). We're really happy with it. Maybe there aren't as many bargains anymore but what's happening is not solely symptoms of the changes we've made. Cycling in South Africa has changed immensely since Bike Hub started and we'd like Bike Hub to remain relevant and be a part of it.
  2. The thing is, the forum participants do not make up the majority of the Bike Hub user base. While we do acknowledge and find it valuable, we can't blindly follow the commenters while ignoring feedback from the broader user base.
  3. What is a "sales related" thread? I think our latest moderation action was closing one of these. We are freely expressing through our autocratic rule that we don't want the moderated comments on Bike Hub. More seriously, no. We are not illegally infringing on your right to expression by moderating the forums. You might be getting confused with the equality clause (s9) which specifically states that individuals cannot discriminate against each other and is what usually makes the newspaper headlines. Section 16 (Expression) does not have the same. But interpreting Section 8 of the Bill of Rights to have a more direct horizontal application than the courts currently apply is a long standing debate. Some would show a bit of sympathy to your claims.
  4. I hear you but it's not a widely used feature. The thinking is that people can type WANTED in the title. Most already do. Then those looking to sell can filter it by searching for "wanted" broadly or in the targeted category. But I'll certainly keep an eye on it to see how it evolves.
  5. So who's used the new advert creation/edit form?
  6. Haha. Yeah! Can't leave that vital category out 😉 Another tricky one was road bikes. Aero vs climbing vs endurance vs who knows?. People are not going to get that right. In the end, just decided to lump them all together.
  7. Yes, that is definitely causing confusion in some cases and something to consider. Although obvious to us, I think enduro is an unknown term to many mountain bikers in SA. The way our market currently is, in terms of numbers of bikes, the Classifieds is best broken down into XC bikes and then everything else. It is changing slowly but not yet at the point where breaking it down further is necessary. Bike classification unfortunately isn't a precise science. There is also a lot we can still do in the way of helper text/ prompts to educate advertisers as they go through advert creation process. There's currently no explanation what difference between these categories is when you placing an advert. Including this will hopefully improve the quality of the ads.
  8. Hi martinza Thanks for the feedback. I meant to get back to sooner but the answer is long. It's a valid question and one I agonised over when deciding all the Classifieds categories and facets (it was a massive task, the spreadsheet is mind-numbing). In the end, I decided not to have "Riding Style" filter for Hardtail. There are two sides that need to be considered in any Classifieds category decision: 1) creating the advert, and 2) browsing/filtering for it. Filtering your search is benefitted by having more filters but creating your advert only gets more complex as you increase the requirements. We try to strike a balance here. And in this case, I decided to leave out "Riding Style" filter for Hardtails to simplify the advert listing process. The Bike Hub Classifieds has a wide range of sellers with massively differing levels of knowledge. It has to cater for complete newbies up to the most knowledgeable in the country all in one system. Unlike an eCommerce store or brand website, there isn't an employee creating every listing with expert knowledge (even then online stores still get it wrong). We don't know who might be making the advert. People get confused, they get it wrong, or they simple don't know things. Not everyone shares the same level of interested in the technical side of cycling. So we try to design an advert creation form that is easy to complete (spoiler: there's going to big design change to the ad creation form in the next week or two that I hope everyone will appreciate - I'm looking forward to to the feedback on that once it's live). But this also means that sometimes there isn't all the information that the searcher might like. We always prefer to have the bike listed than not being listed. The thinking is that you can always enquire further if you're interested which is better than never having a chance to see it at all. It can be intimidating not knowing the answers to questions. Anyway, this was my thinking when deciding to not filter "Riding Style" in the Hardtail category: The Hardtail category has a high proportion of newbies/low end bikes, so I'd like the advert creation form to have fewer questions to avoid them getting overwhelmed and abandoning. We want Bike Hub to be friendly to newcomers rather than scaring them. Following on point 1, less knowledgeable riders don't know the distinction between and XC hardtail and Trail/Enduro Hardatil. Don't believe me? Go look at all the Anthems and Epics listed as Trail/Enduro bikes in the Dual Sus category here. With reference to point 2, it's more than likely that the filter will get flooded with bikes that don't fit the description and end up having limited use. While trail hardtails are hugely awesome, they are not all that common. So leaving out a potentially confusing field for a low volume item is a justifiable omission. Obviously, "Riding Style" is not the only consideration, there are many other facets that are considered for inclusion or omission from each category and sub-category. This is just the narrow reasoning for this case. The reality is that with a public created content, there is always going to be some inaccuracies and less than ideal filters. Especially for the more niche and knowledgeable searchers. We're hoping that with some thoughtful design and feedback from the community (like this thread), we can make it as easy to use and accurate as possible for all users in the future.
  9. It's evident that we don't manage it very much but as Dexter-morgan said there's a Bike Hub club, if you want to see what rides others are doing https://www.strava.com/clubs/bike-hub-7955
  10. Stolen: SCOTT ADDICT 2020 When: 22/08/2021Where: , Wellington, Wellington, Western CapeSIZE MEDIUM ULTERGRA PEDALS ULTEGRA POWER METER ROVAL CARBON WHEELS CL32/DISCGet further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section.
  11. It seems that Five Ten (and Rob Warner) wanted to add to this debate
  12. True, many of these roads are off limits to pedal cycles, as they are designated as freeways in some parts. But it depends on the below signs indicating where the freeway restrictions begin and end, not just the name of the road.
  13. Not exactly hi-res but best I can find for now.
  14. Stream link: https://www.redbull.com/za-en/events/red-bull-hardline
  15. I've merged @Jewbacca's duplicate thread into this one. Any merit in splitting this out into dedicated Road, MTB, and Track discussions?
  16. Ah, so it's a common(ish) thing then. Perhaps leaving the road Gold up to their star-studded women's team 💪
  17. I don't really know how it works but apparently something to do with also having him available for the team sprint on the track. They seem to reckon that they have a better chance of a medal there than on the road. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Very well might be. Didn't think of that. I haven't ridden that area for a long time, apologies.
  19. As mentioned, Tokai is the best option if you want the mast climb and fun single track, but an alternative (depending on your preferred flavour) is cross over directly from the La Parada to the Constantia Nek car park and follow the signs. Ride towards town along the side of the mountain. The trails are less technical (for the most part) than Tokai but the views and workout are great. You can turn back at any point or loop around the front of the mountain (up to the blockhouse even) and ride the town and Camps Bay trails. Before heading back to La Parada via Suikerbossie - this bit is tar unfortunately but drop down through the security estate at the top of Suikerbossie for a little bit more dirt fun. The best route and finding the single track can get a bit more difficult to find once you get to the townside of the mountain.
  20. So who's on WebAfrica ADSL? 🕵️‍♂️
  21. Private sales are generally not covered by the CPA unless the person sells bikes as part of the “ordinary course of business” (with some extra exceptions). Such as a shop or second hand dealer.
  22. The original post was in order. 👍 It's the discussion that ensued that strayed from the path and, we believe, will continue to do so. Decided to put the brakes on it rather than play whack-a-mole all day.
  23. Don't be mistaken, the moderation is very much community-driven. It might not be public facing, like comments, but there are highly vigilant Classifieds users who play a critical role in reporting bad actors.
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