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  1. The organizer states roadworks on the N3, but not where along the N3 these roadworks are.
  2. Route Description Race date: Sunday 24 October 2021 Route Description for the Amashova Durban Classic 80km 1. The start is under the Moses Mabhida pedestrian bridge in Masabalala Yengwa Avenue. 2. Cyclists will travel on Masabalala Yengwa Ave South Bound 3. Turn right into Bram Fisher which becomes David Webster 4. Travel along David Webster which will take you to the N3 Westbound carriageway 5. Take the Sherwood Jan Smuts exit 5 6. Turn sharp right onto Jan Smuts Highway West bound 7. Once you reach the M13 you will take the East bound carriageway and travel contra flow until Shongweni Assagay Hillcrest Exit 33 8. Continue on the M13, with the Fields Hill descent starting beneath the overhead bridge. 9. At 45th Cutting Cyclists will travel on Jan Smuts Highway westbound 10. Jan Smuts Highway ends in a descent followed by a SHARP LEFT to enter the outbound lanes of the N3 Western Freeway. 11. Continue along the N3 into Durban underneath the Tollgate Bridge. 12. Keep right and continue along David Webster Road 13. David Webster becomes Bram Fischer Road 14. Turn left into Samora Machel Road and keep right 15. Cycle into Masabalala Yengwa Avenue South Bound (contra flow) 16.The finish line is underneath the pedestrian bridge that connects Mustering Fields to Peoples Park
  3. Fortunately booked DBN, so I'll be cycling on to and from Moses on the Sat and Sun.
  4. GC typically over-estimates elevation gain. But still, rather more than what I'm used to.
  5. Here is my try. COURSE_78852447.gpx
  6. I thought we (not GW 😝) did it poorly in the Souf (recycling, mind the pun, routes and rebranding as a different event). At least we, GW, had the balz to reinvent our race to emulate the current crop of TTT events.
  7. Fortunately I'll be DBN based for the long weekend, so there is some relief for me. But still, I bought a frikkin' different bike for this event (disc brakes FTW).
  8. Beat me to it guys. I'm furious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this just be the Tour Durban route, which is anyway the same at the 70.3 route? https://www.shova.co.za/route-map/
  9. Restarting Billions S05. Newest episodes have been released on Showmax post-COVID lockdown, can't wait to see if Axe and his nemesis duke it out. Also started watching How to Become a God in Central Florida. Braces never looked so hot 🤪
  10. Good afternoon hubbers, Has anyone ever gone for one of these before? Worth the effort? https://www.theivbar.co.za/our-drips/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4eaJBhDMARIsANhrQAC44JfyAi5aNM9iiKUU6NVo641pW5xTeJWcxWhOHYTn0gqix97Tp3gaAnezEALw_wcB
  11. Good afternoon hubbers. To those with the Giant dual sided power meter, has anyone seen this huge left/right leg discrepancy? I'm pretty sure I calibrated the cranks before my ride this morning (12 and 6). Thanks.
  12. Sick build, well done. I was under the impression that road shifter and MTB RD don't mix? How did you get that right?
  13. Man, difficult to understand professional sport sometimes, but Nino once again proved you should never discount him as a potential winner. MF just spoiled it for himself in the esses, I'm sure he'll kick himself. Should call him the Silver Surfer after today 😆
  14. Richards has some nice pistons. Congrats to her.
  15. Been going for some time. Did my first Academy last year and man was it a challenge. Cool unlocks, but you do it for the gains, really. No frame unlock this year, only a paint scheme unlock (lame). And, workouts can be done solo OR in a group, whereas last year it was group only. And this year they've introduced baseline rides before the first workout is released and when you've completed all to see if you've improved. Hoping this training will stand me in good stead for Amashova.
  16. Does Gerald de Kock commentate on all cycling disciplines? Can hear his voice over the PA at the event.
  17. Sounds good. Hope Admin picks up on this thread. A good start would be to check the age of the account. Was it created within the last 24-48 hours? Guaranteed scammer. Seems too good to be true? Then it is, no matter how badly you want to believe otherwise.
  18. What do you mean by score? Perhaps the Exercise Load on the Garmin Connect website after an activity?
  19. I hope you're not serious about 79 hours recovery for a 55k ride, maybe sprinkling it with exaggeration. Spongebob...
  20. Sure looks interesting. Start points for each day? Looks like a great ride for a gravel biker like me!
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