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  1. I'll have 2 of what this guy is smoking. R40k fort that bike and price has already been reduced.
  2. I guess it depends on the individual and what you consider as colloquialism - I'd have laughed it off. Cheeky lowball offers deserve cheeky comebacks - no need to take offense. If he responded with GFY, well then it would've been considered rude.
  3. Jonkershoek is the obvious place to go to, and Tokai of course. Paarl Taalmonument DH track is lekker if you've got someone who can shuttle you. Nice thing about the trails is that you can mix it up the whole time, so every run will not be the same. Helderberg trails are also sweet, perhaps a bit short for all the climbing involved. Delvera estate (Dirtopia) had a few nice trails as well (although I haven't been there in ages), other side of the R44 on Muratie's side is mostly just flowy trails. Boschendal and the rest of the trails in that valley are mostly flow trails, but still fun. Flowy berms and a few jumps and drops. A few Enduro events took place at Wellington's Wild Boar trails which are more natural old school trails (i.e little to no features), also haven't been there in ages, so not sure if anything has changed.
  4. Where specifically in George? I'll be around there end of Nov, so would be keen to check out new spots.
  5. The RS revelation shares the same 35 mm "chassis" as the Pike, iirc. Just the damper that's different, motion control vs charger dampers. Doubt the air springs are the same, although I have seen debonairs on the yari (which is the "revelation" of the lyrik). The fox 32 is already a noodle, at 140 mm the 35 mm stanchions on the RS will be miles ahead.
  6. Both contacted him at the same time, and from what I gathered Ace tried to help facilitate the deal when it started going sour. Either that, or my reading comprehension also sucks.
  7. True, people keep on using that word, but it has no relevance anymore. Time to let it go, and accept that this is gumtree for 2 wheels, sprinkled with traders that add zero value and just inflate prices.
  8. Ironic don't you think. Did you not insist on POP as well?
  9. What a disappointment. Judges/presenters/production is just so bad. Just like those cooking/bake-off shows, they create unnecessary drama by announcing the cliché, 5 min to go, with the contestants standing there basically with a pile of nuts. Then on final reveal, they miraculously happened to pull everything off in those dying moments.
  10. I'm going to assume not once was there a phone call made either. It amazes me that people are so scared to speak to another human. The amount of info one can gain and assurance offered via a simple chat is invaluable, yet people will spend half their day exchanging texts, misinterpreting what the other has said, get worked up because of the 5 min having to wait for a response is fueling their anxiety. Prrrring prrring muthafuckas.
  11. Even if only 10% is real followers, it's still a sad indictment on society. This (and 99% of instagram/tiktok) is just the lamest, most uninspiring, low value junk that ever existed.
  12. Wow, what has the world come to? 75k followers willingly look at selfies of a ginger with glasses?
  13. Agreed, competition in it's basic form is what made society progress. Without it, we probably wouldn't have had cars, or worst, we'd still have gallon guzzling Buicks polluting the air at an even greater rate.
  14. I've seen quite a few Trek bicycles lately that are listed for more than a new one. Must be a good investment then, right?
  15. Only in their imagination. Everyone else thinks they're assholes. ...and brakpan "ladies" don't count.
  16. Solid spec/build. Only changes I would make is a V4/E4 combo, and in purple of course.
  17. Literally the only knolly that's not ugly af.
  18. What about Sweden, I thought y'all ranting about Israel now?
  19. Most likey gonna be a wet one. Should probably take Greg out of my fantasy team, and replace with one of the brits. 🤔
  20. No matter how that guy in the first video pouts or angles the camera, he'll always have a weak-ass chin. Zoolander guy was quite funny tho.
  21. I am strangely aroused by that abomination of colours. Pity it's up north, would've been tempted tho.
  22. Unlike this guy. His ad will stay up a bit longer I guess. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/496143/2021-trek-top-fuel-full-axs-xl
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