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  1. I was thinking about explaining myself in further detail as I can see a number of you are really struggling to understand, but I have decided not to, because although you might think its not that obvious, it is very clear that the 3 of you are "friends" on this forum.. very cute. I'm sure you guys run this town, right? Very cool... Oh wait, Martin I didn't realise. Let me quickly bow down before you. Not. I don't give a damn about how long you have been riding your bicycle for. And no, I don't need an introduction to your life either. It doesn't interest me. If it did, I would've asked. Secondly, who do you think you are "shutting" down a topic because YOU may think its pointless? Do you run this forum? Thought not. If you felt this was a pointless topic, you should've just "scrolled on" like you mentioned earlier. But no, you had to write something to show the newbie how "badass" of a rider you think you are. Hilarious... Secondly, (Deon), you sound very classy? I do hope I never have to meet you. I feel sorry for your family - They must be disappointed. Thirdly, MariusKlokie - I know, I apologise. I didn't realise the longer you have been riding your bicycle for, the more outspoken you are allowed to be here. I must still learn that, hence I am a "newbie". So I apologise for that. Not. I think what you few forget, is that you may have a few "posts" on this forum, but thats all you have, and thats all you are. Nothing more, nothing less. So it makes me laugh that you think you can demand respect from the "newbies" right off the bat merely by the number of posts one has accumulated. I believe this is called arrogance, as much as you may think not. And to just prove that to you, have a look at the members such as "Norman" and "Ridin Dirty" etc who have responded to my initial post. These guys have the least 'posts', yet they are the most willing to help. Have a good weekend everyone! P.S. - Thank you to those who contributed with recommendations (In the future, rather don't - Its pointless and you know nothing according to the "top posters").
  2. I expected one or two responses like this. Just not the very first one. Its like you didn't bother reading my post. As stated in my initial post, I understand that 50% of this is indeed preference (such as myself only wanting to try Maxxis as my second tyre brand). So all you have done is literally quoted what I have stated above. I thought that by putting in all the effort above with regards to mentioning every aspect of mountain biking for me (weight, bike, terrain etc.), that I could receive responses from members with similarities to myself, who can recommend tyres from Maxxis that they really found worth the purchase. I dont think it is fair to throw this thread in the same bucket as those who have started threads merely saying: "I like mountain biking mainly, so what front and rear tyre should I buy?. I am not looking for a thousand and one responses, but rather just a mere few who can recommend a tyres from Maxxis, who closely match my specifications above. So if you still feel this way about these type of Q&A's, then maybe you should in fact just "scroll on"...
  3. Hello fellow mountain bikers. I have read though many, MANY threads regarding mountain bike tyres, yet I am just as confused as before. In fact, I am probably more confused than ever before. What I have concluded is that its 50% preference, and 50% required riding type (terrain). With having said that, I am in search of advice for selecting the most appropriate tyres for me specifically. I live in Cape Town, and I ride mostly single track. I am 25, and weigh approximately 75kg (185cm tall). I am not a pro (no duh...), but I like to think I go pretty quickly down the single tracks, although I only started riding last year November. I ride a Large 2014 Giant Trance 02, which has a 650B 27.5" wheel-set. PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for Maxxis tyre options and combinations ONLY! If you are going to contribute to this thread, please comment with a combination of both front AND rear tyre options, rather than saying things like "aah, why Maxxis?", or "Continental is much better!" etc etc etc. I have used Continental's on my previous bike, and I am wanting to try out Maxxis tyres in particular, so please just accept that, and give me constructive advice... If any. Thank you in advance to those who find the time to give me genuine options and combinations Here is a photo of my exact bike below:
  4. Hey guys, I am based in Cape Town. I have recently bought a second hand Thule ClipOn 9103 bike carrier. The hooks on the top and the bottom are metal, but have been coated with a very thin ayer of rubber obviously during a heating process, which is still not sufficient for protecting the bodywork of your car. Does anyone know where one can find a strong adhesive rubber tape where you could line the inside of these hooks with tape to prevent any damage, as well as providing cushioning? Please see below a picture of the bike carrier as well as the tape I am looking for:
  5. Hey guys, I am fairly new to the MTB industry, as I have only been riding since last year December. I am keen to start riding more often (every weekend), and looking for some guys in the same boat. I want to obviously ride trails, but at the same time I'm not really keen on trails with no single tracks. I like to think I climb the hills for the single tracks down, if that makes any sense...? I also don't ride to race, or make good time. Its simply for the fun of it! Please let me know if there is anyone out there either doing the above or looking at doing the above... Maybe its a good idea to post where you are from, and where you often ride, so I'll start: Situated: Kommetjie Ride: Anything from Bloemendal to Paul Cluver etc. - No Tokai anymore
  6. Hey guys, I know there aren't too many places left to do this, but where can one ride alone SAFE in and around Cape Town area?
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