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  1. I bought the mount Levitate ( South African brand) via Takealot. Also had a look at Wille hond and the one thing that made me go for Levitate is Wille hond it seems only supply one wheel bracket. Levitate is a very good manufactured product. And price is about the same as Wille hond.
  2. Looking at that it seems the babalas must be twice as bad.
  3. I have tried most diy tens and the spoon tens works the best for me. (Good flex and spring). I made one from a old file but it makes the bb feel like it has sand on the inside, I like the one where you use a crank chainring and just wedge it in between the chain. (Upper chain moving back and lower chain moving to the front with chainring in between) Only possible if your chainstay is made in a way that there is clearance for wedging chainring. It looks awesome having 3 gears on a singlespeed.
  4. Owning a carbon bike or carbon bits and pieces without a torque wrench. Is like running in the dark with scissors and no flashlight.
  5. Sorry to post a silly question but where is this BMG place, or is it sort for buildersmarket something or what?
  6. I use waxed tread used for leather work and leather work needles to stitch up the hole. Then I patch the inside over the stitch work. And all done. You can even start making your own leather gimp suit kinky stuff. In silverton there is a leather supplier (leatherrite) for all your leather needs.
  7. Ok every one put your keys in to the hat.
  8. When I joined the mtb world I rode with road shoes on mtb. But that was because I had old road shoes and no money for new mtb shoes (after the purchase of a mtb). The road shoes helps a lot with tech skill because you don't dare putting your feet out.
  9. You have just F*c*d up a real nice road bike! (Just my personal feeling. I love old Steel frame lug bikes but in their original condition)
  10. Is it bb,wheel or headset bearings? If it is bb bearings what type [bb30 or external cups]?
  11. When you eat asparagus your pee smells.
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