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  1. Just got this from Qatar airways support people: http://www.qatarairways.com/iwov-resources/temp-docs/baggage/excess-baggage-sports-equipment.pdf So it seems like Qatar also has pretty high prices for flying with a bike ​
  2. Anyone have any experience flying with a bike on Qatar? Flying to the states next month and when I called they said a bike is fine, but the woman sounded pretty unsure about the whole thing. Qatar seems to have a similar policy to Emirates about two checked bags not exceeding certain dimensions, which obviously a bike box will not fit into.
  3. Really sorry to hear about that. What did you do, were/are you able to get your bike into a smaller suitcase?
  4. A 10 SPeed MTB chain would be great, something like; http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-deore-hg54-10spd-chain
  5. Why wait till tomorrow? It look like for some reason your dog does not have a collar with a name tag on?? So if someone were to see her tomorrow am before you've gotten the signs up, they would have no idea about the missing dog. Does she have a digital id tag implant so that if someone who is not on the hub finds her (which is likely the case), they will be able to have the dog scanned and get your info?
  6. Is that the Paarl main DH line? how was the wind there today?
  7. Can't wait to check this out tonight. With this line up of riders, it's going to be insane!
  8. Oh ok, I understand wanting to try it on before purchasing, so my best bet would be to find a place that stocks the bell Super 2 helmet, and then if you like the fit etc, order the 2R.
  9. I know that MX Alliance stock them, think you have to order though so can't really try it on before hand. https://mxalliance.co.za/product-category/bicycle/helmets-bicycle/
  10. Anyone know when these will be available in SA, and how much they will cost? Thanks http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.imdserve.com/images/news/2015/07/15/1436961788006-kv2xg15znshv-700-80.jpg
  11. Sounds like some bladdy James Bond action right there! Must have been quite expensive though I'm sure.
  12. http://badassmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/won-the-argument.jpg http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/35583422.jpg
  13. Personally, I would be pretty bummed if I got this upgrade kit and it firstly wasn't right ( the chain being too small) so I couldn't put it on immediately, and then to see that the shifter was scratched. i would rather take it back and buy from somewhere else. Evo bikes has some really good deals on that stuff, and I think easybike might too. EDIT: Good response from CWC guy's though, hopefully they can sort you out.
  14. A shimano ZEE rear derailleur would be awesome !!
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