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  1. I've reported the inaccuracy twice over the last couple of weeks using the appropriate tool, but the ad still stands.
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/triathlon-and-time-trial-bikes/497336/trek-speed-concept-nine-series Nothing on this bike is 2018 model year. The frame is pre-2015. Is it reasonable to want the correct vintage advertised?
  3. Slightly more noisy than the Core, but still quieter than your fan and your drivetrain. Significantly quieter than the H1/H2. Other than that it is probably the best trainer for doing structured workouts in ERG mode as it can shift between target powers more seamlessly than any other trainer. For the price I'd go H3
  4. I know a couple that ride tandem on Zwift using a Kickr. They add their weights together to simulate appropriate w/kg. On Zwift they make a surprisingly strong 140kg rider.
  5. If you've performed a bleed on a car a bicycle will be a breeze. You should try doing it yourself. I suspect some bike shops don't do a full bleed unless absolutely necessary, which ends up being a "go back to the shop a few times because I still need to pump the brake" type of exercise before it is done properly.
  6. Opportunity for Wolftooth to produce replacement jockey wheels for your AXS derailleur? So you can run that Shimano 1x12 chain with confidence...
  7. Great product for the price. Better than the Stages in terms of dropouts. Been using for 3 years with no complaints. Obviously dual-sided would have been nicer, but so expensive.
  8. What a nightmare for Canyon. This bike's release was delayed for months; now it seems it has serious flaws in both seatpost and STI clamp design. When do you issue a recall? You can't ask customers to stay off their bikes for too long.
  9. Had similar issue on Di2. For reference, I was using 50-34 with 11-28 11sp. Etube allows you to make adjustments to a small degree. On the upshift (from the 34 to the 50) I was always happy, but the other way around (50 to 34 shift) it wouldn't allow me to specify any lower than after engaging the 25t sprocket. That's some pretty bad cross-chaining. Yours sounds even worse. Ultimately I switched to semi sequential, or Semi Synchro shift in Shimano speak. Initially two sprockets of adjustment but later just one. I'm happier now.
  10. I haven't observed a change from before but agree it gets the drivetrain dirty quickly. Still a great lube. If you are the type that keeps adding more lube to a dirty chain and the drivetrain is only cleaned by the shop every time the bike is serviced - Squirt is the way to go. Maybe try to wipe the chain off with a cloth before adding lube now and again. Baby steps. Squirt does the job even if it isn't pretty. If you are an obsessive degreaser like me you should look elsewhere. I clean the drivetrain properly after every long ride, which usually means once a week. I like my chain/cassette shiny and QUIET. Currently using Smoove which is well-suited to this type of abuse. I suspect there are some fancy lubes that would work even better.
  11. That is a strangely troublesome way to spam somebody! Thanks for cleaning the playpen admins
  12. Sounds more realistic than the alternative of returning to the gate the next day to attach your letter. Surely 24 hours later you should have calmed down and reflected upon how irrational your outrage is?
  13. I can't find the eye-rolling emoji for all of these insightful "the problem with society today" comments. For the last 8000 years more damage has been done by the self-appointed gatekeepers of morality and their concerns for societal decline than by societal decline itself. These amazing trails are open to the public and made possible by private donations to the Stellenbosch Trail Fund. Mr Schutte claims to have been riding them for more than 20 years. Hopefully, as a trail user calling out Trail Builder/Farmer/Developer for signage he doesn't approve of, he donates regularly. Or perhaps this is just one of those unreasonable fellows that typically don't do well in a small community. The inconsiderate neighbour you avoid. In any case, check out the Trail Fund, they do great work https://stellenboschtrailfund.co.za/ There is a Contact tab to reach out if anyone wants to better understand maintenance disruption to the trail. No need to post letters on gates.
  14. I love them. Can't remember the exact number, but they are significantly lighter than the standard OEM valves in my wheelset, they look bling and the valve remover tool built into the valve cap has made me a hero on the road twice now. I doubled down and ordered for our mountain bikes as well, in colours matching our frame detailing. Edit: I guess I should address how they perform as tubeless valves too.... They seal really well and come with 3 different rubber fittings for different hole sizes or rim shapes. Did I mention that they look pretty?
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