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  1. One Tonner is coming up, I hope they figure it out soon
  2. Had my own Bauke Mollema type "F***ing SRAM!!" moment there
  3. Don't you love how Supersport will wait for the moment Van Der Poel makes his attack, then promptly show you the Cecil Nurse and Marriott Investment Managers ads? Showing the HL package while there is live racing on the go is equally tone-deaf.
  4. Why all the punctures when it rains? Does the rain spill gunk into the road that would normally have been cleared by the traffic? Or do people hit more cracks/holes/cateyes because of the poor visibility?
  5. Rain wreaks havoc with your headunit's barometer. It gets blocked by water and your reading becomes inaccurate. I think you can do an elevation correction in Strava?
  6. Forecasts have objectively improved over the last few years.
  7. Even though I always ride with it, my UT800 annoys me plenty. It fiddles the light brightness way too often, especially when riding in groups where others have lights. The battery life is short. It takes forever to charge and it needs to be charged after every ride. I hope they improve the design on the next iteration. The smart light and control via ANT+ concept is awesome. Daylight visibility mode is fantastic. Regarding the RTL515 - best piece of kit I own. The greatest step forward in rider safety this decade.
  8. Slightly more noisy than the Core, but still quieter than your fan and your drivetrain. Significantly quieter than the H1/H2. Other than that it is probably the best trainer for doing structured workouts in ERG mode as it can shift between target powers more seamlessly than any other trainer. For the price I'd go H3
  9. I know a couple that ride tandem on Zwift using a Kickr. They add their weights together to simulate appropriate w/kg. On Zwift they make a surprisingly strong 140kg rider.
  10. If you've performed a bleed on a car a bicycle will be a breeze. You should try doing it yourself. I suspect some bike shops don't do a full bleed unless absolutely necessary, which ends up being a "go back to the shop a few times because I still need to pump the brake" type of exercise before it is done properly.
  11. Opportunity for Wolftooth to produce replacement jockey wheels for your AXS derailleur? So you can run that Shimano 1x12 chain with confidence...
  12. Great product for the price. Better than the Stages in terms of dropouts. Been using for 3 years with no complaints. Obviously dual-sided would have been nicer, but so expensive.
  13. What a nightmare for Canyon. This bike's release was delayed for months; now it seems it has serious flaws in both seatpost and STI clamp design. When do you issue a recall? You can't ask customers to stay off their bikes for too long.
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