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  1. Dogs

    Magalies Monster

    There is a route description and profile on the website...looks like a tough day out https://www.stillwatersports.com/event/magalies-monster-mtb-classic/
  2. He He...got caught in it
  3. No, you now know what to expect, next year you go back to improve on this years time😁 Getting to Rooiberg is quite a challenge on it's own.
  4. I saw 2, the one cruised past us on Rooiberg.... Didn't consider it too much of an issue as they were in latter part of field.
  5. Damn, forgot how tough some sections are...at least I got the t-shirt🙂 Had a long (lovely) day on the bike and got caught in the rain just after last WP, just added to the experience of making it a memorable ride. At least the wind was kinder than last year, the tailwind on the uphill's helped. This remains an awesome event. Shout out to everyone that finished - the top finishers, much respect going at that pace for the entire race. Until next year😲
  6. Nope, there are "marshals" at most turns, etcMostly there is only the one route and in general you see other riders around.. I use Garmin to record and charge it on the go with powerbank. Good luck.
  7. With times like that, thou shall see me on the road...smile and wave as you come by
  8. ...looks like the wind will become an issue on Saturday...how would WNW affect us?
  9. Tik Tok Tik Tok.... What are riders doing with regard to boxes? (Especially those who will ride 20+ hours) . I cannot seem to make my mind up - November was warm and did not use them, so maybe just some extra layers for that hour before and after sunrise, and drop all excess at CP3? (+some treats ). For the new guys, remember to "wiggle" your hands, fingers and toes regularly to avoid carpal, etc.
  10. Good thing we're not comparing the cost and size of bats?
  11. Is that the stick thing that you hit with? And a compromised handicap...
  12. Looking at some of the costs, I am seriously considering to take up golf...
  13. Longerer...[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji24][emoji24]
  14. They are all out training... For me, with Covid hanging like a dark cloud over us and even a possible 3rd wave, it dampens the excitement a bit. Hopefully see you on the roads soon.
  15. I normally have a headlamp as well - sometimes need light in a different direction or place than where the bike light is showing. Do have some spare batteries in camelback. On bike I have the Extreme Endurance Light which I mostly run on low, except on some of the faster descents. In 4 previous attempts this has lasted well into Saturday night, so there was never a need for spare. I think on low it lasts up to 40 hours. You can also ride on low if there are other riders around. Obviously depends on what light you are going to use. Less than a month to go...
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