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  1. In fact the Apple Watch is currently the benchmark for wrist-based devices, at least between all of the main stream devices that we have measured The goal was to measure the accuracy of various wrist-worn optical heart rate monitors Nothing beats a Garmin and a HR Strap though
  2. As somebody who once cycled a lot around melkbos, people use to call me a pedalphile
  3. For the audiophiles - https://www.cplanaudio.co.za/collections/headphones/products/audio-technica-ath-msr7-black-2
  4. Lot's of Garmin 5X Pluses going on sale...
  5. I give a Neutral rating for this. Add some comments, be a gentleman.
  6. As indicated in my first Post, shipping is with Dawn Wing on this mess up. Also if you are shipping with SAPO please inform your customers up front and give them a choice.
  7. Support the up and coming smaller guys that will move heaven and earth for your business even if they are a bit more expensive. When we encounter someone unprofessional or providing a bad service, hold them accountable and encourage training and development of their staff.
  8. I sent a polite email about having a conversation.
  9. Check the unemployment rate - https://www.fin24.com/Economy/just-in-sa-unemployment-rate-jumps-to-29-the-worst-since-2008-20190730 I am no longer a customer of CWC because of this.
  10. I am going to stay away from Shimano and going to fetch these a bit later - https://www.evobikes.co.za/components/mtb-pedals/dmr-vaults-pedals-sandblast.html My pedal bill is now R5000 in 2 weeks because of this nonsense.
  11. I believe that the threading for one of the spikes was not drilled properly from manufacturing process so when I tried to very carefully replace all the spikes with a bigger one, it when in at an angle and then I tried to use pliers to get it in. All spikes went in fine except this one. It is a tough call but risk and no replacement has been pushed back onto me.
  12. On the 10/8/19 I left my brand new Shimano Saint pedals at CWC for a warranty replacement. Shane the warranty and claims lady explained to me that they needed to be sent to JHB. 3 days later I followed up and was told that the pedals would be shipped back for collection at CWC. It is now 23/8/19 and my bike cannot be ridden because it does not have pedals. I have had to repeatedly phone and follow up about my pedals every 3 days. I am tired of being told Shane is busy with a customer and would I like to leave a message and then not hearing anything from her. I have been given different stories about waiting times and Dawn Wing has now been thrown under the bus by Shane today saying that there has been a mix up with the deliveries. Things do go wrong but I expect to be kept up to date with phone calls, sms or email and clarification given by a customer facing employee. Shane has shown she needs training and she does not know how to do her job as a customer service person. I hope that CWC will provide the correct training to their employees and also note these instances in their performance reviews! This is absolutely the last time I buy anything from CWC.
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