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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Guys, Need some assistance please, I have a 2020 Scott Spark 950. I was doing a once over when washing my bike and noticed what seemed to be a loose pivot screw, I grabbed the torque wrench and tried to tighten it, without even reaching 10nm the screw starting spinning around. So not sure if I broke it or if it was over tightened from the start but need a new one. Where will I be able to source?
  2. Hi All, I'm new to Bike Hub but I took my 2017 Scott Spark in for a service almost 4 weeks and the mechanics noticed that both the swingarm and the frame (at the seat tube) were cracked. It took over 2 1/2 weeks to get a response - the swingarm was warrantied but not the frame as they claim the seat post clamp was installed incorrectly. I have taken this up with Scott as nowhere in the users' manual is this stated that it needs to be a certain way and I received my bike from the bike shop that assembled it with the seat clamp installed as is. The 2017 and 2018 users manuals do not stipulate the seat clamp orientation but the 2019 one does, although it just mentions that it must be installed correctly and does not sat what is correct. Has anyone else had this problem? It's now almost 4 weeks later and I still have no bike to ride! I'm training for the Epic and need to ride but this is so unfortunate. There has been nothing from Scott International to date and Scott local sent an email to me this week for a loan frame but nothing has come of it. Such bad service.
  3. The Scott Spark is an iconic cross-country and marathon race bike. While it may have been tempting to stick to a successful formula, Scott took the bold move to completely redesign the Spark range. For 2017, forget what you knew about the Scott Spark as everything from suspension design, geometry, and even the intended riding style has seen a complete overhaul. Click here to view the article
  4. Hi All, This is my first post on BikeHub I've recently started doing stage races and rode the Sani2c, Berg & Bush 3 Day and just did a 4 day trip through Lesotho on some rough terrain. The time has come to upgrade my bike. I've been super happy with my Scott XL frame (Scott Scale 960 - 2014 - 120mm Default Stem) (height: 186cm, weight: 86 - 90 kg). I am in the range overlap between L & XL on the size charts of most manufacturers. I'm really happy with the Scott geometry but also open to some other options (only brands where spares and service are easily available in SA) I've been eyeing out the Scott Spark 940 2018 (XL) for a while now. I was hoping to get a deal on one at the changeover to 2019 models, but there were only really a lot of offers on mediums/smalls. I've also been looking at the Scott Spark 930 2018 (XL) https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2018https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-930-2018 (with GX 1x12 / NX 1 x 12)https://bike-addict.co.za/products/scott-spark-940-2019 I've also had a look at the 2019 models, but R50k+ is quite steep Alternatively, I'm looking for the following: - Similar geometry to Scott Spark- At least 120mm Fork Travel- Good Rear Suspension (I like the Scott 3 way control as a bonus)- GX 1x12- Dropper Post- Decent wheels- New or Second Hand (2nd hand must be newer than 2 years old)- Great handling on trail, but also capable of long days out on the bike. What do you think of these bike options? Are their any others you'd recommend? If you own a Scott Spark and you are fairly tall, 185+ are you happy on a Large frame? My problem is that if I go XL I will likely not be able to take advantage of any price deals I am based in Cape Town (city bowl), are there any shops you'd recommend? (I service at Freewheel Cycology and I love them for that, bike is never been smoother, but a Spez is like 60k+ for same/similar componentry)
  5. so i decided to spoil myself in the next few months with a new mtb bike. my first new bike ever after riding for more than 12 years... so with all the specials going on at the moment, and after eliminating a lot of potential bikes, i think i narrowed it down to two bikes: cannondale scalpel si 5 2017 model http://cyclelab.com/cannondale-scalpel-si-5-29-mountain-bike-2017/ OR scott spark 950 2018 model. http://cyclelab.com/scott-spark-950-29-mountain-bike-2018/ both go for R39 999 at cyclelab. I can;t decide though. the type of riding i wanna do: trans baviaans meets berg n bush meets wolwespruit meets spruit. which one would you guys pick and why? Bikes i've cancelled out due to price, reviews etc: Momsen vipa trail 1 spesialised camber comp trek fuel ex5 pyga oneten29 pyga stage yt jeffsey can't decide. help
  6. Hi All Okay, I'm aware that Scotts are notorious for creaking like an old wooden boat. That aside, my Spark 920 wasn't all that bad until fairly recently. I decided to pull the pivots apart, check the bearings and re-grease them. Upon doing this I discovered that there are two aluminium spacers on either side of the pivot right behind the rear shock (i.e. the pivot at the top of the seatstay). I know which way round they were in there, but I'm in doubt on whether the bike shop that last serviced the pivots put these spacers in the right way round. If you've done this service yourself before you will know that each side has two spacers, one larger (red) than the other (gold), but both have a thicker inside edge on one side (i.e. only one side of the spacer is flat). I have two questions. 1) Which way round should the spacers go in (must the large spacer go on the outside of the frame and the small one on the inside)? And 2) Which direction should the thicker inside edge of the spacers point (should it point towards the bearing or away)? Any advice on the matter would be much appreciated, I would take the bike back to the bike shop that did the last service, but to be honest I would not trust their opinion (lets not delve into that topic now though). Cheers
  7. Hi all, Looking at buying a Scott Spark 920 2013. Really keen on the Twinloc system but the bike doesn't come with one. Is one able to re-install the system and where would one find a system? The fork and shock on the bike are a Fox 32 Float 29 Evolution CTD Air 100mm and Fox Float RL 100mm. Thanks for the help.
  8. The time has come to upgrade to a full sus and I'm torn between these two. Please could I have your opinions??? Both are retailing for R45999. Much appreciated! http://cyclelab.com/images/detailed/4/SESTA-COMP-1150x766%5B1%5D.png The Silverback has a carbon frame but the components aren't as good as what comes with the Spark. No dropper post, 2x10, no dual remote lockout. However, having a carbon frame allows for the opportunity to upgrade the components down the line. http://cyclelab.com/images/detailed/4/Scott-Spark-940-2017-e1472619134859%5B1%5D.jpg The Spark has an Alloy frame (bike weight reported at 13.5kg) but has better components. Possibly no need to upgrade components but I'm stuck with the alloy frame. http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii77/cityofgates/Screen%20Shot%202017-01-10%20at%206.09.45%20PM.png Click on the table above to see a comparison! Thanks again for the help!
  9. I am in the market for a new bike and have finally narrowed it down to these 2 bikes. Scott Spark 910 or Cannondale Scalpel Si 3 They are similarly priced and have a very similar spec with the Cannondale have an XTR drivetrain over the XT for the Scott. The main thing that puts me off the Cannondale is Lefty shock.. perhaps someone can give me positive feedback on it that will help me over come this. If it had a Fox fork my decision would be made already. What I dont like about the Lefty shock is it limits your wheel options and I already have 2 sets of spare wheels.. but if I were to damage a wheel in a multistage race I think, could be wrong of course, it would be far easier to source a "normal" wheel than a Lefty wheel to continue. Is there no twisitng of the fork under braking on the Lefty? What I like about the Cannondale is the lifetime warranty on the frame, this is important to me seeming as every MTB I have had thus far I have had a claim on the frame for cracks. Spark only has a 5 year warranty which is ample because IMHO the lifespan of a MTB is about 5yrs. I do long rides/races and multiday events. So want a bike that is easy to handle and comfortable for long distances. The Cannondale I think is more of a 1 day racer but I could be wrong? I am a heavy rider - current weight is 98kgs although trying to get to 90kgs but cant see myself ever going below this....
  10. SCOTT Sports Africa are giving away a brand new Spark 940 valued at R46,000. Click here to view the article
  11. Scott have announced an all-new Spark platform which will support three different bikes, Spark RC, Spark and Spark Plus. The Spark is a completely new bike and you don't need to look further than the suspension design to see that. The old top link design has being replaced with a spanking new single-pivot rocker link system. Scott have been aggressive with their implementation of new technologies on the Spark: boasting cutting edge carbon construction techniques, bringing the geometry up-to-date, the use of new standards like Boost and metric shocks, and even adapting the brake mounts for more flexible stays. Click here to view the article
  12. Just saw this on pinkbike about probably the new scott spark coming this year: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/spotted-nino-schurters-prototype-scott-la-bresse-xco-world-cup-2016.html Any thoughts? Think this will definitely spark some critics
  13. So I'm pondering about whether it is time to get a new bike. I've got a 2013 Scott Spark 940, which I've had since new, & I see that Cycle Lab has the 2016 920s marked down (when I looked last weekend) as I'm assuming the 2017s are arriving soon. Is it worth it I'm thinking to myself? What I mean is is the progression between those 2 bikes big enough? Now I'm not the biker that is going to buy a new bike every year (which is obvious from the above) but what are the Hubbers general feeling the useful life is of a bike? Yes, a bike is useful until it is broken but like vehicles/equipment etc items lose value & are written off over a period. I'm sure with technology changing with bikes, newer bikes should be better. This is not a discussion about what value I should try sell my current bike at. I'm just trying to work out whether moving from a 2013 940 to a 2016 920 is worth it. I actually have not compared the specs yet, although I'm not the biggest bike techie around. I'm sure a lot of Hubbers can give answers very quickly. I ride once if not twice a week, do the half marathon Trail Seekers (starting C batch tomorrow), 30km USN Cups (A batch), I've done the 2 day Berg & Bush but would love to go bigger for example Joburg2C. In short, I love my mountain biking & would like to progress...Should I or shouldn't I look for an upgrade? If not the Spark 920, what other options should I look at? I am fully aware that the engine behind the bike, me, is the main factor behind progression so you don't need to tell me that. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I need help asap. My Scott Spark 940 is making a cracking, squeaking, breaking noise coming from the crank/BB unit when riding in dusty conditions and the harder I pedal, the worse the noise. Its making me and the people I ride with mad. Do anyone have any suggestions or has anyone had the same problem? I had it serviced at various shops and nobody has been able to find the problem. Thanks
  15. I recently saw the TomTom Spark in Makro and it seems to be quite a nice GPS watch when I looked at the flyer. Does anyone own one of these that can comment on how it performs and if it is a good all around watch for cycling, running, swimming? They sell for about R3k - R3,500kn new. I know suunto ambit and garmin forerunner are very strong competitors and probably better, but looking at price I was wondering about this item. Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks! Link to tomtom website below. http://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/sports/fitness-watches/gps-watch-cardio-spark/black-large/index.html?icmp=personalised_content
  16. Don't message me - I'm just re-posting a Gumtree ad I saw There's an ad on Gumtree - looking for owner of a bike. Suspected stolen - guy asking whose it is bike it is. (don't go nail the guy - he's looking for the owner) If you know the owner, send him the link. http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/tableview/notice-do-you-know-of-anyone-that-has-had-a-scott-spark-elite-recently-stolen-from-them/1001148761730910017407209 The ad reads as follows: On Friday I bought a bicycle for my son from a guy near the Seven Eleven, Sandown Rd, he approached me asking if I am Interested. It turns out that I am looking for a Bike for my son to commute to school with. After a very sad story of his father passing away last week and him and his mother needing cash, I told him my budget was lower for my son bike. After I did my shopping he approached me again on my way home accepting my offer. When I showed my son the bike he almost fell off his chair. We did some internet research to find the bike value to be much higher raising my suspicion. I took down details from the guy but it seems dodgy, the phone number is message mode, and the address I will try again.
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