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  1. Hi Hubbers, So this video is a year old now but has anyone here built/welded/carbon lay up a frame together from scratch? If so please do share details and pics😁 I don't currently have the tool-set but think it would still be an awesome project.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pristine condition used large Silverback Slade Trail, but it really is miles too big for me. I've been looking for a used small trail hardtail build for a while now but haven't had much luck, and used small frames seem even more difficult to come by. The Slade I bought came with really nice components (for a new rider anyway) so I'm considering keeping the components and looking at just replacing the frame. I've looked at the following: Commencal Meta HT (a bit too pricey and no small size available on their site) Trek Roscoe (may consider this depending on how much I can get for my Slade frame) Momsen STR/STF (doesn't support the 140mm fork I have already) Rapide Tigre (no small size) Any suggestions as to what else I could look at in that category? I'm 1.66m and would like a bike I can throw around quite easily so I'd prefer not to upsize if I can avoid it. Many thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a problem. i have started to ride more and more aggressively (came from XC) and now I bought myself a new bike, a 2018 Merida team big nine hardtail, it is an amazing bike and the frame weighs just 900g but I NEED a dropper post, I bought one now assuming it would work but apparently this model cannot use a dropper post, so now I sit with a dilemma I have a amazing bike but the frame isn’t working for me. I was wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has a Hardtail 29 frame medium or large that is INTERNAL DROPPER POST READY (30.9 or bigger) who is willing to trade for my frame, even something less high of a spec. It’s a medium 29 inch frame! Let me know! Ps if anyone has a way of making it work on my frame it would be Appreciated.
  4. I have been wondering for a while now why it seems hardtails are so unpopular in SA. I mean you hardly see a hard tail anywhere outside of a high school bike shed these days. Seemingly a full sus trail bike has become the entry point to being able to ride even a mild Jeep track. Now sure, I’m exaggerating a bit above, but it would seem locally that hardtails are not really selling anymore. I was in the specialized shop in Stellenbosch over the weekend to see some of the new bikes, and I was surprised not to see any decent hardtails. They only had the really entry level rock hopper hardtails. When I asked a young sales guy if they didn’t have any more serious hardtails in stock, he sheepishly showed me a top of the line S-Works Epic, that was retailing at R140k. Nothing else. When I asked him where all the bikes in between are, he said they don’t carry hardtails anymore, because no one buys them. This is in stark contrast to what we see in the overseas forums, and especially on channels like GMBN, where they seem to absolutely love hardtails, especially for longer rides across the countryside, or just some fun on a trail park. Now I know full sus is awesome, especially on multi day stage races, and especially with lots of long corrugated gravel or very bumpy track....... but for blasting on some flows single track, nothing on earth beats a hardtail. The XCO guys on the international scene also seem to chop and change between there full sus and hardtails depending on the terrain. So why on earth are hardtails basically dead here. Specially in a place like Stellenbosch, that is blessed with loads of amazing trail riding? If I was on a tight budget, I would far rather buy the best hardtails I could, rather than an entry level full sus. I mean bikes of R25 to 30k are being sold with sun tour and x-fusion suspensions, and SLX if you lucky. In these price range I much rather buy something with a REBA fork and full XT groupset....... If I was told I had to choose one bike now, and I could never have another, it would definately be something with pretty slack geometry, 130 mil travel up front, and nice wide 27,5 tires, and a hardtails. I do how ever hope the day never comes where one needs to be married to one type of bike for life......
  5. Hi anyone heard of the pnarello mantha? advice whether to buy one requested
  6. Hi All, Here's a little video of me running my HT against my PR I set on the Kona Process 153. It's a fun little jam. But I do get a bit carried away at the end... Thanx for watching! Phil
  7. Hi guys and Gals... I put together a little (visual) comparison between the geometry of my 26" Shan and my 29" Enduro... The video also features a run down some fast natural single-trail...
  8. I'm 42 and started riding again , buying myself a hardtail Scott Aspect 940 after several years of taking a break . This was Oct 2017 . Unfortunately i had a minor lower back injury and had to go for a discectomy in Feb 2018 . The specialist and fisio recommended a Dual Suspension when riding again . I'm interested in the Silverback Sido 3 for myself and the Sola 3 for my wife . Can anyone recommend them and are there any other options to choose from that i'm missing . Your inputs please .
  9. Looking for a few more opinions / experiences with wider rims on XC specific bikes. I have a 29er hardtail: 2014 ZASKAR 9R ELITE & I've been wanting to upgrade my wheelset for a while now, specifically the width of my rims for more control and less tetchy handling downhill. I'm not riding anything extreme. Mostly jeep track with steep sections and loose gravel. My stock standard wheelset is Jalco XCD22, Double Wall, 32H. I believe the internal rim width is 19mm. I currently run Maxis Ikon 2.2 on the rear & Ardent 2.25 on the front. I've felt the handling benefits of wider rims but don't have enough cash to go for a more trail oriented dual suspension bike right now. So I'm trying to see if I can make some changes to help keep my chin on my face for the time being. That said, my bike isn't designed for wider rims and space is tight, especially on the rear. My LBS told me there isn't really any point in buying, for example, a Stans ZTR Arch wheelset with 25mm inner width because A) it's too tight and B) it's not what the bike is built for. I've attached some pics, which might help. What do you guys think?
  10. A lot of you have probably seen this video on PB, but I thought it was worth sharing. It's a shame that there are more MTB'ers in SA that consider long travel / AM hardtails when they're looking for an inexpensive bike that can kill it on most trails. I'm a proud owner of a Commie META AM hardtail and the bike is just so much fun and very versatile. Further, it is a bit of an untapped market in SA. Morewood and the rest of the Pyga crews should bring out a bike like this - it'll sell like hotcakes. https://vimeo.com/91312863
  11. Need a little help. I am in the process of buying a new bike. One of the bikes i am interested in is Cannondale Lefty 2013/14 Cannondale Flash Team (large) Full carbon Team lefty fork Sram XX full grouppo Carbon seatpost ENVE carbon bar ZTR arch black edition wiele. Specialized carbon full rails saddle 2 x 10 Bike has a few nicks and scratchs. Shock lockout does not work. Any advice and what will be a good price on the bike?
  12. Hello biking community of South Africa. It is good to be back.I require assistance from the two wheeled internet world. Here's the story: About a month ago my significant other and I decided that we are going to start cycling, mountain biking to be more precise. We have encounted a few issues, the number 1 issue being that we don't have bicycles and the second issue being that we have very limited riding experience. The last time I rode a bicycle was a few years ago when I still had my GT ruckus, wearing a old motocross helmet that I picked up at a cash crusaders in lakeside, needless to say I thought I was the fastest thing in Tokai Forrest. (Not the case apparently) . After school I (sadly) let the bike go and now I find myself itching to get back into it. The plan: get two reasonably price Mountain Bikes and explore the heart of Eastern Cape (home for now) The challenge (where you guys come in) : - what bicycles to buy with a price range or 5-7k per bike ? - other than frame and fork what are the more pricey upgrades? - new vs second hand? - 29er? And why? - what is a "MOMSEN" ? And when did they appear? (Local bike shop swears by them) Sorry for the long post. Looking forward to a response
  13. Hey Guys First thread on here so take it easy on me haha... I have a Cannondale Trail 29 Hardtail. Used to ride a bit of DH at varsity (I sucked, good at crashing though.) and then focused on paddling and running the last 8-10 years. I decided to get back onto a bike cos it's fun and you can do such a cool mix of long explorey days and cool techy trail rides. Anyway, I bought my budget Cannondale Hardtail with tubeless done and the front derailleur removed by the previous owner as he was just using it to keep miles off his fancy bike for beachfront rides etc. I got it for R 9 500 only a year old in immaculate shape. So its 1x10 SLX and has the Shimano branded but no specific name (SLX / Deore etc) brakes. I manage 95% of the time with the 1x10 as he put on a 40t big cog - spin out on the downs obviously but that's fine. 34t chainring. I've done close to 100km days pretty comfortably and I manage most of the steep tech stuff ok too. I think that 1x11 would obviously be better if I want to do some stage / longer 1 day races. The brakes are also adequate but not much more than that. What sort of price would I be able to pick up a SLX 11 speed rear derailleur and cassette and some better brakes? Happy to trawl the used section of the hub until I can find something! I've put on wider Ritchey bars and a shorter (50mm) stem as it's a large and I'm probably in between M and L frames. Do you think it's worthwhile? I'm happy and comfortable on my bike and riding some pretty decent distances / speeds and technical stuff so don't feel the need to go full sus any time soon due to extra cost and service requirements etc.
  14. Firstly I am an absolute newb or noob, so your advice is greatly appreciated. Currently ride Giant Reign adv, looking for a fun second hardtail bike under 20k. Love fatter tyres of all sizes, but we do a lot of climbing. Will consider full fat if anyone has survived a steep climb on one. Like the idea of frames that allow different sized wheels, but 29+ will do. Medium frame will work. A lot of the stuff I've seen under 20k don't have great forks, but I can replace this at a later stage if necessary. Thanks for this forum and this site, helps nooooobs like me be better. Peace
  15. Morning fellow Hubbers I would like to find out if changing my frame from a Giant XTC 29er1 2014 to a Scott Scale 900SL 2015 would be considered as an upgrade and worth doing. The upgrade price is minimal. I owned the Giant from new and love my bike. I would like to hear your comments. All the best.
  16. Hi all I am thinking of putting a dropper seatpost on my 29er Alu hardtail. So I have been eyeing the Lynne 31.6mm 120mm dropper, and the Giant 125mm dropper for which I'll need a 30.9mm-31.6mm shim which seems hard to find. They are similarly priced at around 2.2k. There is also the Forca SPS-400 on special for around 2k but it seems to have a rougher spring mechanism. Does anyone know if this is a good idea? and if so which of these is a better move?
  17. Ding ding, and in the left corner, weighing in at 10.9kgs... 1) KTM Race (2012) RockShox RebaXT SLX componentsTwo owners In the right corner, weighing in at around 11.4 kgs... 2) Merida Matts LITE 1000 (2011) RockShox Recon GoldXT SLX componentsOne owner Apologies for the pdf for option 2. Both in good condition. I find the KTM aesthetically pleasing. But more interested in rating each on actual quality etc. All thoughts and mockery welcome!
  18. Hi everyone and thanks for making this site so helpful. I'm looking to spend around 10-12k on a hardtail. I have my eye on a new GT Zaskar Sport 2017. Can anyone share their thoughts on this model or its components? It does seem like a great value for money bike (considering it's new). What do you think? I'm a novice who will mainly use it on the tracks around table mountain and for commuting occasionally. I'm not planning on racing or doing anything majorly technical. But I do want something that offers a solid base to build on or to resell in time. Some people have warned me to stay away from GT and that they have a poor resale value. And I've had others say the exact same thing about Silverback (and the opposite about GT). It's hard to find an objective opinion. Most people seem to have higher budgets and are quick to shoot down brands or ranges pitched at a lower price point. I guess I just want to feel confident I'm not being a total idiot in going this direction. But by all means, tell me if+why I am.. The 2nd hand option really does seem more reasonable but I wouldn't know where to start and how to evaluate a bike competently. For example, there is a Silverback Sola 2 (i think 2014) going for 8.9k. Is it worth the risk or would you rather go for a new bike? Thanks for your help, Mintman
  19. Hi! All Im new to the MTB scene and only recently purchased a pre-owned silverback saturn for recreational riding. Having said that, i realised how fun it is riding some trails and XC. Im hooked and really want to get into the sport not so much for comps but for myself and my health. I want to save up for a decent 29" hard tail and have been looking around. My budget is maximum R15000 (which is a bit steep) and have been looking at the following bikes: Scott scale 960 2015 (R11999 vbike) Scott scale 950 2015 (14999 vbike) Merida big 9 500 (R13500) Momsen AL329 Titan elite 29er (14999) All has got air suspension which i was told is much better than hydraulic. Scott seems to win the race when talking to bike shop employees. I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, I've been cycling for a year and a half on my Trek X caliber7 and have outgrown it... I'm looking for a new (but reasonably priced) bike that has either a large or XL frame. The bike on the top of my list is a Silverback Sprada 2 ( that is a dual sus ) So the question is, should I stay with a hardtail or go for a dual sus???
  21. Hi All, I am new to this GREAT forum, and looking to buy my first hardtail MTB, but with a twist… So I am overweight, but have lost around 30kgs over the last few months (thanks to Banting). I have started to stagnate recently and intend taking up cycling to assist with the additional weight loss. I have a further 20kg’s or so to loose. I have read through tons of information on these forums on choosing a new bike, but I have no idea which brands or equipment to check that will accommodate my extra weight. In fact, I am not sure if this is something that I need to pay attention to when choosing a bike? My budget is around R7k. So far, I am looking at a hardtail, 29er, Medium, Air Shock, Alivio/Deore or similar Groupset, etc. Any advise would be appreciated J
  22. Hi Guys, Could you give any advice on the following bikes. The 2016 Scott Aspect 930 and the 2015 Titan Comp. Both are 29er's. I know the Titan has better shocks "Rock Shox" and rear derailleur "SLX." The Scott has Deore and Suntour suspension. Any info on Titan frames. The only thing that makes me like the Scott more, is because its a brand I know, however spec is more important I would assume. The type of riding I do is road for now, while the mountain trail is closed, otherwise just trail biking, not really single tracks. Your advice would be appreciated.
  23. I wanted to buy a hardtail bike. I decided between Merida matts 15Md & the Scott aspect 670. I'm totally confused and I wanted to know which to take. Thanks.
  24. I am on the verge of buying a mongoose meteore team( from a folk who seems inept about mountain bikes judging from his responses to my questions). The bike is used so I am not sure which model year it is. I want to use the bike for trail riding and a bit of xc(if possible). It seems that it still has its original components. If there's anyone who currently owns this or have owned it, would you please kindly give technical info on the bike, original components, how it handles on trails and so forth. I suppose it's an old model(2008/9) and the components might be of entry level when compared to today's components. I also attached pictures for clarity.
  25. Hi guys First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I will also post it in the mountain bike section as it obviously comes under both! I am looking for a mountain bike that I can use for long distance touring, on any terrain, in any conditions and in developing countries (South America). I am completely new to mountain biking / touring but I have done a bit of research and come to the conclusion that I need something with the following specs: Type: Hardtail. Frame: Steel - can be welded if broken or Aluminium Wheel size: 26" - availability in developing countries; strength carrying a load. Brakes: Disk (provided I can fit equipment for carrying luggage etc.)-- Mechanical if possible but otherwise hydrolic. Any recommendations? Thanks
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