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  1. Nowadays we often associated trail and mountain biking fun with more and sophisticated full suspension travel as modern full suspension bikes become not just more capable on the way down but also easier to pedal and more efficient on the way up. Click here to view the article
  2. However, the simplicity and capability of the hardtail remain a strong contender in the world of mountain biking. But it is not just at home on subdued trails or in the world of XC racing, but it also finds its way onto the more demanding tracks out there. However, to hit the more challenging trails that little bit harder, you need the right tool for the job. Welcome to our new BIG.TRAIL, our take on the fun-packed, versatile, capable and rewarding trail hardtail category. Our BIG.TRAIL combines the simplicity and low maintenance of a hardtail with the capability and the fun factor of a long travel bike. For us, the BIG.TRAIL symbolises TRAIL FUN SIMPLIFIED. The UK has been one of the driving forces in Europe if not in the world when it comes to taking hardtails on demanding trails and tracks, so it was obvious to bring leading UK dealers and our R&D team together to create our four BIG.TRAIL models. Their combined market knowledge and experience paired with the design and development know-how of our German R&D team was the perfect combination to develop this new bike for the 2021 line-up. The new aluminium BIG.TRAIL is based on 140 mm travel forks, a modern and aggressive bike geometry, long dropper posts and 29er wheels with up to 2.5” tyre clearance. Frame specs: BSA 73 mm bottom bracket Post mount 180 mm 148x12 mm boost 55 mm chain line Sram UDH hanger 30.9 mm seat post Semi-integrated headset (44/55 mm) 1x only With a 65.5° head angle for increased stability, a 75.5° seat angle for effective climbing and a reach of up to 475 mm, the geometry of the new BIG.TRAIL is aimed at aggressive trail riding as well as long days in the saddle. The super sloping top tube gives confidence, and plenty of space to manoeuver on the bike as well as allows for 150 mm dropper posts (125 mm in size S) to be fitted. Further features of the BIG.TRAIL are internal cable routing, Boost standard front and rear, space for two water bottles plus ‘Trail Mount’ inside the frame, external bottom bracket, SRAM UDH hanger, tubeless-ready rims with 29 mm inner width and 180 mm rotors front and rear. Local availability The Merida BIG.TRAIL will be available in South Africa. The current schedule is for early 2021. Models and pricing will be confirmed at this time.
  3. Hello all, I am looking at investing in a road bike with the idea to use it for the next decade, at least. I am weighing up two options, the Cannondale super six carbon (2015), 10-speed, which has american classic wheels, easton carbon handle bars and comes with a left-crank watt meter... compared to a Merida Scultura 4000 (2016), 11-speed, which has upgrades of campagnolo chorus parts. The Merida is about R3000 cheaper, when comparing both bikes as is. Any advice? I am waiting to hear whether a 52/36 crankset can fit the Merida, otherwise it will come with compact crank. Cannondale has a 52/36 already. Both bikes are second hand
  4. To bring the NINETY-SIX into the new decade, our team has created an entirely new frame that combines a long list of exciting features with a completely new modern geometry as well as an updated suspension platform. The new NINETY-SIX is available in three different level full carbon frames, with the top RC CF5 frame tipping the scale at only 1,695 g or 1,845 g for an RC CF4/CF5 medium size frame. Depending on the configuration it is either the classic 100 front/100 rear mm (NINETY-SIX RC), or the more trail orientated 120 front/100 rear mm (NINETY-SIX) version. Both bikes feature the same frame and suspension configuration but differ in specification and therefore show their strength in different riding situations and are aimed at other user groups. Intended Use The new NINETY-SIX is a super modern cross country race bike. Modern, in this case, means that it is much more downhill capable than its predecessors. The key reason for this is that cross country races have become far more demanding over the last few years. On top of that, customers are expecting much more downhill performance from a bike in this category as they did a few years ago. Worldwide the cycling press is even talking about a new category - down-country bikes. Down-country bikes are as light as possible to climb even the steepest mountains with ease, but also able to handle challenging trails with more panache as the travel numbers would suggest. Depending on the configuration, the NINETY-SIX is available in a more classic cross-country (NINETY-SIX RC) or a down-country (NINETY-SIX) setup. The RC models have a 100 mm fork in the front, super fast rolling tyres and a lighter front brake. The (non RC) NINETY-SIX models have 120 mm in the front, more grippy tyres and a more powerful front brake. However, whichever model you look at, they all have improved downhill capability due to the updated geometry and the more progressive suspension configuration. So, the range of use is even bigger as it was with the last generation. The NINETY-SIX can be used as a long-distance endurance bike, where two water bottles are always a big advantage, as a super-light trail bike, or as a classic cross-country race bike. Key Components Two versions Our new NINETY-SIX is available in two versions. The more race-focused RC version with 100 mm fork travel and the more trail orientated version with 120 mm upfront. The longer fork does not just offer the ability to handle rough trails better, but it also slackens the head angle and gives the bike a more playful character. Both versions are based on full carbon frames.P-Flex flex pivot To save weight and further improve the frame stiffness, we have removed the seat-/chainstay pivot point. Instead of a classic bearing, the material properties of the frame allow sufficient flex without having an impact on durability. Flat mount rear brake Due to the lack of a rear pivot point and the introduction of the ‘P-Flex’ flex pivot, we have given the seat stays as much space as possible to act as a leaf spring. To do that, we have equipped our NINETY-SIX with the smaller and less bulky flat mount rear brake. The brake is easier to adjust than the post mount brake and allows for a more straight-lines shape of the seat stays. Two water bottles One big wish from race legend José Hermida was that two water bottles could be fitted into the front triangle. To fulfil that, and without having an impact on the seat post insert depth, we are using a unique adapter on the lower part of the seat tube. This gives us the ability to fit two big water bottles into the frame without affecting the ability to use long travel dropper posts or making the bottles difficult to reach. Perfect for long marathon races and extended trail sessions. Twistlock lockout To give the rider maximum control over the lockout function while offering the preferred paddle actuated dropper post, we have specced our NINETY-SIX with the super intuitive Twistlock lockout from Sram. A simple twist locks out the shock, while an easy to reach release button opens the shock back up again. Fast, simple and less cockpit clutter. Trail mount An additional fixing point below the top tube that offers the option to attach a spare tube, tool or small spare parts safely and securely. Longer insert depth To allow longer dropper posts to be fitted we have created the new NINETY-SIX frame with extended insert depth. This allows us to fit a 170 mm dropper post into a size large frame on the down-country specific NINETY-SIX 8000, giving the rider maximum control and manoeuvrability on rougher terrain. MERIDA chain guide Today’s demanding course push man and machine to its limits. To reduce the risk of chain drop, we have developed a MERIDA chain guide. It is extremely light and small in appearance while making sure that the chain stays perfectly in place. It is adjustable to various chainring sizes and maintains its minimalistic appearance whatever the chosen chainring size. Threaded bottom bracket BSA For easy maintenance the NINETY-SIX comes with outbound threaded bottom brackets, making last-minute bottom bracket changes fast and straightforward. Wire Port headset All control cables like gear, brake and dropper post cable enter the frame through a specifically shaped headset cap, cleaning up the cockpit area while also keeping them out of harm's way. Only the internally routed cable for the rear shock lockout enters the frame directly into the top tube for extra smooth lockout action. Modern down-country geometry In line with today's more demanding and aggressive XC course as well as the rising interest in light yet capable short-travel bikes of the 'down country' segment, we have slackened the head angle by 1.5° (trail version even 3°), increased the reach, lowered the bottom bracket and standover height and steepened the seat angle by 1.5 - 2°. Non-Slip Tightening ‘Non-Slip Tightening’ was first introduced at our ONE-TWENTY. A big advantage of this system is that all pivot bolts can be tightened and untightened from just one side with a Torx 30 key and there is no need to fix the opposite side of the bolt either. This is just a small detail, but everybody who services their own bike knows the advantage of this time-saving system. Geometry and Suspension Platform To get the new NINETY-SIX ready for today’s XC/marathon and down-country challenges, we looked at a long list of features in the development process. Besides the ones mentioned above, we paid particular attention to the geometry and the new suspension platform. In the ‘olden days’, the main focus for an XC/marathon race machine was outstanding climbing performance. Today the downhill performance becomes more and more important as courses become more demanding not just on the way up, but even more so, on the way down. To improve the downhill performance, we have tweaked the geometry by making the head angle 1.5° slacker (in the trail version even 3°), by increasing the reach (from 449 mm to 473 mm on a size L frame) and by lowering the bottom bracket and stand over height. All these changes make the bike more stable, and there is more space to manoeuvre on the bike. Also, the rider feels more integrated into the bike. But not only the downhill related parameters have become more modern. The seat angle got at least 1.5° (and on some sizes even 2°) steeper, making it easier to put more pressure on the pedals. But a good geometry is nothing without a perfectly working suspension platform. Compared to the last generation, the new NINETY-SIX leverage ratio is more progressive. The progression is more than 7% which perfectly matches the small air chambers of cross-country shocks. The higher ratio at the beginning of the travel makes the suspension sensitive to small impacts, and the progression gives it great support in the mid-travel. On top of that, we are introducing the new P-FLEX system. The new system has no seat-/chainstay pivot point, which has a positive effect on weight as well as stiffness. The material properties of the frame and the leaf-spring-like frame design allow sufficient flex without having an impact on durability. Both elements, geometry and suspension, work in perfect harmony and create the most capable, supportive and most likely fastest NINETY-SIX in our history so that you can enjoy TRAIL AND TRACK AT FULL GAS. Ninety-Six Models The following Ninety-Six models will be available in South Africa. The estimated availability is currently in January or February 2021. Ninety-Six RC 9000 CF5 frame - lightest version Shimano XTR 1x12 drivetrain with Race Face carbon crank Shimano XTR brakes Fox Factory suspension SRAM Twistlock lockout Fox Factory dropper seat post DT SWISS XRC 1501 carbon wheelset MERIDA TEAM handlebar Prologo Scratch M5 saddle 29x2.25" Maxxis Recon Race TR EXO tyres Estimated Retail Price: R 139,999 Ninety-Six RC XT Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain Shimano XT brakes Fox Performance 32 Float SC fork Performance Elite Float custom shock SRAM Twistlock lockout MERIDA EXPERT TR LIGHT dropper seat post MERIDA EXPERT CC saddle with MERIDA multitool 29x2.25" Maxxis Recon Race TR EXO tyres Estimated Retail Price: R79,999 Ninety-Six RC 5000 Shimano Deore/XT 1x12 drivetrain Shimano SLX brakes RockShox suspension Sram Twistlock lockout MERIDA EXPERT TR LIGHT dropper seat post MERIDA COMP CC saddle with MERIDA multitool 29x2.25" Maxxis Recon Race TR EXO tyres Estimated Retail Price: R 69,999 ​Ninety-Six 8000 SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 drivetrain (10-52 cassette & Carbon crank) Shimano XT brakes (4 piston in the front / 2 in the rear) New SID fork - lightest 35 mm stanchion fork New SIDLuxe shock - very compact and light Sram Twistlock lockout MERIDA EXPERT TR dropper seat post with Shimano lever - 170mm travel in size L Reynolds TR 309 carbon wheelset MERIDA TEAM handlebar Prologo Scratch M5 PAS saddle 29x2.3" Maxxis Minion DHR TR EXO 3C MaxxTerra tyres Estimated Retail Price: R 114,999
  5. Press Release Originally launched in 2008, our World Cup and World Championships proven full suspension race bike has gone through a number of changes and alterations over the last decade, with probably the most significant departure from ‘the old’ coming together in the new NINETY-SIX (MY2021). We are very excited to present our take on modern XC, marathon and stage racing as well as lightweight short travel trail riding – welcome to the new NINETY-SIX – TRAIL AND TRACK AT FULL GAS. Click here to view the article
  6. Hi Guys, My bike fell over in the house - dog knocked it over and with it the derailleur broke off at the hanger (i think). I have attached a picture and was hoping you guys could clarify? The bike is 3 months old (Merida Ninety-Six 800 - 2018). Thanks guys
  7. Hi all. It seems merida isn't as popular on the bikehub as giant or spez. But here are some pics of mine and the area I ride in
  8. Plus what really makes this deal special is that they are throwing in an added service plan from Cycle Lab worth a total of R4,500. This includes bike setup, satisfaction tune up, skills training, mirror service and trade-in boost. The Merida Big Nine 20D is priced at R6,999 and it comes with the following: FRAMEBIG NINE SPEEDFORKSR SUNTOUR XCM HLO 100MM LOCKOUTGROUPSETSHIMANO ACERA-X 3 X 8 SPEED 42-34TBRAKESEF505 EASY FIRE SHIFTER HYDRAULIC BRAKES WITH 160 MM ROTORSWHEELSMERIDA ALLOY RIM WITH MERIDA 29” X 2.2” WIRE 30TPI TYRESPRICER6,999 The Merida Big Nine 40D is priced at R7,999 and it comes with the following: FRAMEBIG NINE SPEEDFRONT SUSPENSIONSR SUNTOUR XCM HLO 100MM LOCKOUTGROUPSETSHIMANO ACERA-X 3 X 9 SPEED 42-34TBRAKESEF505 EASY FIRE SHIFTER HYDRAULIC BRAKES WITH 160 MM ROTORSWHEELSMERIDA ALLOY RIM WITH MERIDA 29” X 2.2” WIRE 30TPI TYRESPRICER7,999 These bikes are supplied to Makro by Cycle Lab and are available at these selected Makro stores:Woodmead Strubens Valley Silver Lakes Cornubia Cape Gate Bicycles purchased at Makro come with a 2-year warranty and free assembly. You can purchase the bikes at any of these selected stores and take it to your nearest Cycle Lab to have it assembled for free by their specialists. Offers valid while stock lasts.
  9. The frameFor now, the One-Forty range is offered only as an aluminium frame with sturdy looking tubes clearly indicating the intentions of the bike. The platform is right up to date with trunnion mounts for metric shocks, boost axle spacing, and internal cable routing that clamps the cables firmly in place on the entry and exit ports.The One-Forty is designed to accept 650b tyres up to 2.6" wide and Merida show they mean business filling all the allotted space out the box with broad Maxxis DHR and Rekon tyres. The Float Link suspension is a single pivot design that places the shock between the chain and seat stays (via a rocker link), avoiding any direct mounting of the shock to the front triangle. The upside of this design is said to be supple small bump compliance and traction while achieving a bottomless feel on the bigger hits. Merida also claims that the design has allowed them greater tuning control of the shock.The frame geometry adheres to the modern trail bike trend with a 66.3-degree head angle. Reach is not the longest and upsizing may help should you want more length. Take a look at the table below for all the figures across the size curve. It's a very black bike. The black decals melt into the black frame making it rather impossible for passersby to ascertain what brand of bike you're riding. Perfect if you simply want to get on with your ride without the judgement of fellow riders. However, should you prefer to shout from the rooftops, there is also a sharp yellow colour option that can't be missed. The extra large frame does look somewhat like a farm gate with the gap between the top tube and down tube at the head tube but, for the aesthetically conscious, these three tubes do all meet neatly as one in smaller sizes. Build kit The component selection in this price point is a big talking point for the One-Forty 800's R45,000 asking price. All too often mid-range trail bikes cut a corner here or there but the One-Forty's components appear to be equally matched and capable of standing up to the demands of rigorous trail riding.The suspension is covered by RockShox with a Deluxe RL shock and 150 mm Revelation fork. The new Revelation matches the chassis of the Pike making it an equal in stiffness while continuing to use the tried and tested Motion Control damper. The drive system is SRAM's workhorse 12-speed Eagle GX with a 32 teeth chainring pulling the 50-10 cassette. The 2.6" wide Maxxis DHR II and Rekon tyres boast a large contact patch which is well matched to SRAM's Code R brakes. The new Code brakes use larger reservoirs and pistons than the company's Guide brakes for extra stopping power. The wheelset features Merida branded rims with an adequate 29 mm internal width laced to Joytech hubs. Merida alloy components make up the handlebars and stem with a trail-trendy 760mm width and 45 mm length respectively. Of course, an essential item for any trail bike these days is a dropper seatpost and the One-Forty 800 employs the services of a KS LEV Integra fitted with a Prologo Nago saddle. If the One-Forty 800 is too much of a budget stretch, there is also the 700 model which features the same suspension and tyres but with a Shimano XT/SLX mix drivetrain and M500 brakes, retailing for R36,000. Specifications: Colourmatt black (shiny black)Frame SizesS, M, L, XLFrame SizesONE-FORTY aluminiumForkRock Shox Revelation RC, 150mm travel and 15mm bolt through boost axle standardShockRock Shox Deluxe RLDerailleurSram GX EagleShiftersSram GX Eagle trigger, 12 speed with Sram MMX clampBrakesSram Code R hydraulic disc, 180mm rotorsChainringSram Descendant 6K Eagle 32 teethChainSram GX EagleHubsJoytech FoBearing 15X110mm 6B / 12x148mm 6BRimMERIDA Expert TR, 29mm inner width tubeless readyCassetteSram XG 1275 Eagle, 12 speed, 10-50 teethTyresMaxxis DHR II 2.6" TR EXO front and Maxxis Rekon 2.6" TR EXO rearSpokesDouble Butted Black stainlessStemMERIDA Expert TR 3d forged 6061 aluminium, oversize clampHandlebarMERIDA Expert TR double butted 6061 aluminium, 20mm rise, 760mm wideHeadsetMERIDA M2339SeatpostK-Shock LEV Integra dropper 30.9mmSaddlePrologo Nago X20Weight (Extra large frame)13.91 kg (with sealant)PriceR 45 000 On the trailFrom the initial few hundred meters down the first trail, it is evident that Merida One-Forty is ready to rumble. The stability of the wide tyres, the confidence-inducing geometry, and coddling rear suspension all worked together to produce a fantastic first impression. On flow trails, the One-Forty rips through turns and boosts off humps and roots. The big tyres and supple suspension make easy work of brake bumps and ruts. The floating suspension design does seem to slightly sacrifice the quality of feedback the rider receives with a hint of dullness at times, possibly also a consequence of the high-volume tyres, which can make it feel cumbersome on easier trails. Point the One-Forty down a steeper trail and the bike starts to shine. The deep suspension and big tyres make it a ripper on the fast and technical descents. It’s a bike that tries to boost your confidence, egging you on to go bigger and faster. The bike holds a line excellently, be it through a banked turn or a precarious rock garden, the One-Forty does its best to bring you out the other side upright.When the trail turns got tight, the One-Forty changed direction well with the larger tyres providing and traction filled platform to throw the bike around whilst staying on track. The bike tends to stay perky under pedalling if you keep the cadence on the higher side. Mash down in a heavy gear out of a corner and the One-Forty will lurch deeper into its travel. While a great fork in shorter travel models, I felt that the previous Revelation sometimes struggled to deliver with its 32 mm chassis on the longer travel models. The new Revelation has solved that, borrowing the same 35 mm chassis from the Pike. The resulting boost in stiffness is exactly what the fork needed to hold its own out on the trails. Although the suspension feel cannot match with Pike, the Revelation is smooth, provides good feedback, and can take a beating.I found the geometry to be on point for Western Cape trail conditions. I often find modern trail bikes a better match than full-blown enduro geometry for the majority of my trail riding. The One-Forty is such an example that hits a sweet spot for my local Tokai and Jonkershoek trails. That said, I'm itching to try out Merida's longer travel One-Sixty bike. Merida went with wide(ish) and slammed for the cockpit arrangement. While the 760 mm bar is on the narrow side of my prefered width (yes, an easy fix), the short 45 mm stem is spot on for a direct, responsive steering feel.The One-Forty is designed to accept tyres with a width of up to 2.6" (this width range is also sometimes labelled as mid-plus). While I genuinely enjoy the grip and forgiveness of Plus sized tyres (2.8" and up) on trail bikes, I do find myself struggling with the sensitivity to pressure, the unsettling feeling of sidewall roll, and durability issues. I find that 2.6" answers my need for mountains of grip, a sturdy sidewall, and reliability.As mentioned, the Maxxis DHR served up what felt like endless grip. The Rekon provides less rolling resistance and served well for grip on the climbs and braking on the downs, proving to be a worthy adversary when it came to trying to slide through the turns. I found that a smidgen under 20 PSI (on a Ryder digital pump) to be my happy place with the Maxxis tyres. The wheels are Merida branded. In-house branded wheels can be a cause for alarm but in the case of the Merida Expert rims and Joytech hubs, I found no reason for doubt. A good sign is the respectable 29 mm internal diameter that complements the bulky 2.6" tyres. On the trail, the wheels rolled without drawing any attention to themselves holding their form and line admirable through the rougher obstacles. Usually, the manufacturer branded wheelset would be a no-brainer upgrade but these wheels certainly match the level set by the other components equipped on the Four-Forty. Merida did not skimp on the brakes. The SRAM Code R brakes are an excellent combination with the wide tyres. The braking power is immense with the grip of the tyres helping the Code brakes reach their full potential. Perhaps, dare I say, even a bit of overkill for this bike but I'll take it. The stopping power of the One-Forty, without a doubt, was directly responsible for me avoiding a few spills.The One-Forty is a decent climber. With our test bike weighing in just under 14 kgs (almost 400 grams less than claimed by Merida) and having large tyres to spin up, gravity will always state its case when ascending the mountain. Even with these challenges, the One-Forty faired no worse than similar bikes after reaching for the shock lockout. The large tyres made easy work of technical or loose climbs, serving up good grip and balance. Once or twice on hard climbing, I got lazy with my positioning and lost control of the front. At the end of the day, the One-Forty is capable of long trail sessions with intense climbing but be prepared to be suitably tired by the end of the day. In the end The Merida One-Forty 800 is a hard-charging trail bike offering confidence and composure to help push your limits. The wide tyres, deep suspension feel, and poised geometry work together to create a predictable ride, ready for most challenges. It's a rip-roaring ride that had me grinning like a madman.The One-Forty 800 also represents reasonable value with smart use of trickle-down technology while the latest standards provide some future-proofing should the upgrade itch start creeping in. ProsConquer it all with point and shoot capabilities A build kit ready to charge trails right out the box The 2.6" tyres offer buckets of grip Sensible level of components at a reasonable price point Cons"strong, light, cheap, pick two": Merida chose strong and cheap.
  10. What are people comments on the 2013 versions of theses bike ,which is the better choice?
  11. The new eONE-SIXTY is a complete overhaul of its predecessor, incorporating the latest standards, like the neatly integrated internal battery, introducing a long list of new and exciting features yet maintaining and even improving on the unparalleled and often highly praised riding characteristics of the 'original' eONE-SIXTY. Our e-enduro bike offers proven in-build shuttle service (courtesy of the Shimano E8000 power unit), and due to the perfectly tuned MTB geometry and low centre of gravity, it offers agile handling performance as you would normally only expect from a non-assisted bike. The heart of the bike is the new carbon frame. Carbon was chosen to give the new eONE-SIXTY a super stiff and robust frame, without adding any weight to the overall construction. The large battery opening offers a real challenge when it comes to maintaining frame stiffness, but the use of carbon and specific layering have managed to keep the stiffness while even reducing weight in comparison to its predecessor. Besides that, the material offers real design freedom, which clearly shows in the striking appearance of the bike. However, carbon is not a great thermal conductor, which needed to be considered in the design process. To guarantee the optimum operating temperature of the battery, we have developed our THERMO GATE, which works like a chimney and allows the warm air to dissipate through the openings near the head tube. This enables the battery to perform at its best, in any condition. A further challenge with integrating the battery into the main frame is the accessibility of the power unit for transport, external charging or to replace it with a new/full battery. We have put lots of effort into our two-component battery cover, the ENERGY GUARD, making sure that it protects the battery, keeps things nice and quiet and also offers super-fast and easy yet secure access to the battery when for example a sway is needed. Its tight fit makes it completely rattle proof, and Shimano’s two-lock mechanism (Allen key, followed by pressing of a release button) prevents accidental battery release while making the removal fast and straightforward. With regards to the power units, the eONE-SIXTY comes with the trusted E8000 motor from Shimano STePS and offers up to 70 Nm of natural and intuitive power delivery and features a super compact Shimano 8035 battery with 504 Wh. The battery (or rather a 2nd one) can easily be transported in a 15l backpack, giving the eONE-SIXTY impressive reach for longer tours or more runs. One of the strongest attributes of the 'original' eONE-SIXTY and often praised by the riders and the cycling press, has been the well-rounded geometry. The essence of its playful, yet stable handling was certainly something we wanted to keep in the new version of the bike while adding further improvements to take it to the next level. The new eONE-SIXTY is standing on two different wheel sizes: a 29" (2.5" wide) wheel at the front for improved 'rolling over obstacles' behaviour and precise steering and a 27.5" (2.6" wide) at the rear for maximum traction and comfort and a playful/agile character (due to the shorter 27.5" wheels chainstays). Further to that, we have slackened the head angle to 65.5° and lowered the bottom bracket for even better control at high speed. The original eONE-SIXTY was optimised for 175mm cranks. However, the new bike is designed for 165mm cranks allowing us to lower the bottom bracket even further. To optimise the climbing performance, we also slightly steepened the seat angle by. To keep things quiet and organised, the eONE-SIXTY has internal cable routing throughout with the additional new feature of an internal clamp in the inside of the downtube. This clamp also provides a fixing position for a water bottle cage. The new frame has space for a 0.75l bottle to be fitted into all sizes, and space for even bigger bottles in the L and XL frame. Five sizes are on offer to allow all riders to find the perfect fit. We also managed to create plenty of dropper post insertion depth, so that a size M frame can be equipped with a 150mm and an L as well as XL frame even with a 170mm dropper post. Boost standard for increased stiffness is standard on all models which also helped to create plenty of tyre clearance in case riders want to 'beef' up on their rubber. Finally, a feature introduced in our high-end XC bikes finds its way back onto our eONE-SIXTY. To prevent the fork from damaging the down tube, in case of a crash or an extreme turning angle, we have added an internal block system into the 1.5" head tube, that prevents the fork crown from hitting the down tube. The eONE-SIXTY carbon is available in 4 different specification levels, from the Shimano XTR and Fox factory equipped top model, the 10k, via the 9000 and 8000 all the way through to the more wallet-friendly 5000 bike. All four models feature the same frame, motor and battery. Going back to our statement of saying goodbye to the ‘original’ eONE-SIXTY. For all fans of the aluminium version, and to be able to offer more affordable versions of the eONE-SIXTY platform, we are happy to announce that two models of the aluminium eONE-SIXTY with semi-integrated battery will remain in the range in form of the eONE-SIXTY 800 SE and eONE-SIXTY 500 SE. And finally, as with all our e-bikes, the eONE-SIXTY, and all its components have been tested, and certified to an increased system weight of 140kg, assuring the rider that the bike has been pushed well beyond the legal requirements.
  12. Hi guys, Help on this would be greatly appreciated! I am a roadie looking to dabble in some mtbing - in my long search for a mtb within my price range - the options have been narrowed down to the 'Cannondale Scalpel-SI 6' and the 'Merida Ninety-Six 600'. I would really appreciate the hubs advice on both these bikes. Below is the low down on each bike (apologies for adding in ALL the detail, just have no clue what's important to look at and what isn't): Cannondale: FRAME: Scalpel-Si, 100mm, SmartForm C1 Alloy, Zero Pivot seatstay, Carbon Link, PF30, 1.5 Si head tube, Ai Offset FORK: RockShox Reba RL, 100mm, Solo Air, Tapered Steerer, Maxle Lite, 51mm offset REAR SHOCK: RockShox Monarch RL, 100mm RIMS: Stan's NoTubes Crest S1, 32 hole, tubeless ready HUBS: Formula DC51 front, Formula DHT-142x12, (Ai Offset dish - Rear) SPOKES: DT-Swiss Champion (Ai Offset dish - Rear) TIRES: WTB Nineline Comp 29x2.25" DNA Compound. PEDALS: Not included CRANK: Cannondale Si, BB30, 36/26 CNC Rings BOTTOM BRACKET: Cannondale Alloy PressFit30 CHAIN: KMC X11, 11-speed REAR COGS: SunRace, 11-40, 11-speed FRONT DERAILLEUR: Shimano SLX, side swing REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano XT Shadow Plus, 11-speed SHIFTERS: Shimano SLX , 1x11-speed HANDLEBAR: Cannondale C3 flat, Butted AL6061 Alloy, 760mm GRIPS: Cannondale Locking Grips STEM: Cannondale C3, 6061 Alloy, 1.125", 31.8, -5° HEADSET: Cannondale HeadShok Si BRAKES: Shimano Deore MT500 hydro disc, 180/160mm BRAKE LEVERS: Shimano Deore MT500 hydro disc SADDLE: Cannondale Stage 3 SEATPOST: Cannondale C3, 6061 alloy, 31.6x350mm (S,M) 400mm (L,X) SIZES: M,L,XL (29") Merida: FRAME NINETY-SIX LITE 96mm suspension travel FRAME SIZE M, L, XL COLOR GLOSSY BLACK ((BLUE/SILVER)) FORK Manitou Markhor Comp SHOCK Rock Shox Monarch RL BRAKE FRONT Shimano MT-500 BRAKE REAR Shimano MT-500 BRAKE LEVER Shimano MT-500 HEADSET FSA NO.55E HANDLEBAR MERIDA Expert CC HANDLEBAR STEM MERIDA Expert CC GRIP MERIDA Comp EC DERAILLEUR FRONT no DERAILLEUR REAR Sram NX Eagle SHIFTER FRONT no SHIFTER REAR Sram NX Eagle SEAT POST MERIDA Comp CC SEAT CLAMP MERIDA Expert SADDLE MERIDA Comp CC CHAIN Sram NX Eagle CHAINWHEEL Sram NX Eagle 32 teeth FREEWHEEL Sram NX 1230 Eagle 11-50 teeth 12 speed BOTTOM BRAKET Sram BB DUB PF MTB 92 RIM MERIDA Comp CC TIRE FRONT Maxxis Ikon TIRE REAR Maxxis Ikon HUB FRONT Shimano MT400-B HUB REAR Shimano MT400-B AXLE REAR JD-QR48R Boost axle 12x148mm ROTOR FRONT Shimano RT10 ROTOR REAR Shimano RT10 SPOKES Double Butted Black stainless WEIGHT 13.13 kg
  13. The updated geometry and frame design gives the bike a very playful character, but it is still precise and lightning fast. In comparison to its well-rounded predecessor which was already a fantastic descender, the new ONE-TWENTY is even more capable on the downhills and loves everything from fast, flowy singletrack to rooty and rocky enduro tracks. Merida One-Twenty 9 8000. Due to its low weight and fantastic power delivery, it is a hugely capable long distance bike – particularly the new full carbon version. MERIDA offers this new ‘jack of all trades’ from the super light full carbon top-end model via a carbon/aluminium option all the way to the more budget-friendly all aluminium version. No complex setup or adjustments are needed. R&D Goals More Durable The new ONE-TWENTY is equipped with a new oversized chain stay design which increases the rear end stiffness of the frame dramatically and improves durability as well.The ONE-TWENTY has gone through the toughest MERIDA lab test - the ROBF (10) Old ONE-TWENTY: 150 000 cycles New ONE-TWENTY: 300 000 with 20% higher loads When a frame passes the ROBF test, it will pass other European tests without any problems › even at Zedler Advanced Plus where frames are tested up to system weight of 140kg Bigger bearings at the main pivot point and on the drivetrain side make the system more durable and extends the service intervals. Stiffness and Weight The second target was to offer a lighter top-level frame. The CF4 level is around 400g lighter than the old ONE-TWENTY and impresses through increased stiffness and durability. Aluminium is a little bit heavier as the old ONE-TWENTY but much more durable and stiffer. Better Handling The chain stays are 10 mm shorter resulting in a more playful bike which still offers the perfect balance between being a great climber and an agile trail bike. Lower Leverage Ratio A lower leverage ratio has the effect that the rear shock can be ridden with less air pressure. This is especially beneficial for heavy riders as they don’t have to go up to the max. air pressure to find their prefered setting. The shock is also easier to adjust as less air escapes when the shock pump is removed. Because if the valve is relieved less air is disappearing. Appearance A more high end and futuristic looking appearance that fits into the MERIDA full suspension design language/line-up which was first introduced on the ONE-SIXTY. Optimized for 1X The frame is optimized for 32T chainrings = minimal bobbing and pedal kickback. Low Stand Over Height To give the rider more confidence and more room to manoeuvre out on the trail. GeometryThe head tube angle has been slackened from 69 (29er) to 67.3 degrees, improving the descending skills of the ONE-TWENTY even further. The chain stays are 10 mm shorter resulting in a more playful bike which still offers the perfect balance between being a great climber and an agile trail bike. Clearance More clearance has been created to allow 2.35" tire to be run on wider rims. Protection and Quietness More protection has been added to the lower frame, BB area, seat and chain stays to improve durability but also to make the bike even quieter when ridden on rough surfaces. Geometry The geometry of the new ONE-TWENTY hits the sweet spot between being a super capable trail bike and a fast and reliable long distance machine. The further reduced standover height improves manoeuvrability when the trail gets demanding while the slacked head angle makes the bike an even better descender. Reduced weight and improved stiffness help turning every pedal stroke into forward motion. Availability The new Merida 120 models are expected to arrive in South Africa in September 2018. Merida One-Twenty 9 6000. Merida One-Twenty 9 XT Edition. Merida One-Twenty 9 800. Merida One-Twenty 9 600. Merida One-Twenty 9 400.
  14. Stolen from flat in Vredehoek. Full carbon ladies mountain bike. Green and black. Dutch flag on seat post. Bottle cage x1. Please contact 0842708201 should you come across the bike.
  15. Download attachment: publicpreview (21).jpg Merida Bikes has an extensive product range globally that extends further than the bikes we love and ride in South Africa. The local distributor for Merida carries a range of well-priced accessories that will make your Merida feel brand new for 2018. Click here to view the article
  16. The Charger helmet is a lightweight single mould MTB helmet. It is highly ventilated with 21 holes to keep you cool on those sizzling summer days. The removable visor offers riders the choice to use it as a road helmet as well. Keeping the helmet in place is a 2D micro-dial fit system with heat sealed comfort padding. The Sport sunglasses feature an adjustable nosepiece, 2 pairs of exchangeable lenses and hard-shell case for safe storing. Available in green and white. Merida has three options of multi-tools available locally. The 20 in 1 pictured above is the top of the line with a full set of tools for a host of road side fixes as well as a detachable chain break for easy use and 2 tyre levers. For a less demanding job, the 12 in 1 and the 10 in 1 are lightweight tools for quick fixes on the go. The range of accessories includes easy to use ergonomic tyre levers that can withstand a fair amount of force for those stubborn tubeless setups and a cool tool can make sure you never misplace another part when working on your bike. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly floor pump that’s well built and delivers a decent amount of pressure the Merida Eco pump is it. The steel construction and durable steel barrel feel sturdy when applying force and the large 2.5” gauge is clearly visible. The valve head works on both Presta and Shrader valves. For a smaller trail friendly pump the lightweight CNC’d aluminium pump is light and small enough to be stored in your jersey pocket or you could use the frame mount provided with the pump. The aluminium body is strong and built to withstand years of abuse. Whilst water bottle cages may be a bit of a boring subject Merida has stepped it up a notch by offering an aluminium side pull bottle cage that’s easy to get your bottle in and out of on a bumpy road at an affordable price. The traditional straight pull bottle cages are available in alloy and a very stealth looking carbon version for those weight weenies. A full range of water bottles is available in 600CC and 700CC in green, black and clear to match your ride. A range of accessories is available for the road racers. Replacement microfibre bar tape with SHOCKPROOF material, optimises shock absorption. This reduces stress on the hands and supports a superior riding experience. Available in green, black, blue and red, it includes end-plugs. Cyclo-computers that are wired and wireless are available with an extensive list of functions and high visibility lights that are lightweight, water-resistant and constructed from aluminium will keep you visible on the road. Merida has 2 tool kits on offer, the professional pictured above which holds all the basics for home mechanics. And, the workshop kit which is a full bike maintenance and servicing kit with all the tools you need for just about any job bike related. For the travellers there are 2 options of bike bags, they are both lightweight and offer stiff protection, so your bike will never be damaged in transport again. They are fitted with wheels for easy transporting. The table below is a list of the Merida accessories featured in this article with their recommended retail price and not the full list of accessories available. *The recommended retail price is just a guideline and shops may vary. For more information, you may visit the international Merida website or contact your local Merida dealer. Follow Merida Africa on Facebook and Twitter @Merida_Africa.
  17. Selected models of the carbon fork might break under stress and could cause crashes, serious injuries and even death. It is ESSENTIAL that the fork will be replaced and the bike should not be continued to be ridden or used under any circumstance. Merida Africa has stock of replacement forks and request that you make contact with your relevant Merida dealer in order to resolve the problem. The affected forks have been used in the following MERIDA SCULTURA CF2 and aluminium MY 2017 models: SCULTURA CF2 RIM version MY17 MY17 SCULTURA 4000 MY17 SCULTURA 4000-Juliet MY17 SCULTURA 5000 MY17 SCULTURA 6000 MY17 SCULTURA Special Edition SCULTURA CF2 DISC version MY17 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 200 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 400 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 400-Juliet MY17 SCULTURA Disc 500 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 4000 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 4000-Juliet MY17 SCULTURA Disc 5000 MY17 SCULTURA Disc 6000 The corresponding 2018 models are not affected. On the aforementioned models, the carbon steerer of the forks is not able to withstand the stresses and strains it will be exposed to. Under intensive use, the steerer underneath the clamp of the stem and spacers can develop fractures which can lead to a complete collapse of the fork. To insure the safety of your customers we have put together this complete recall of the affected forks. IMPORTANT: Further riding or other usage of the bikes which carry the affected forks is to be stopped immediately until the replacement fork has been fitted. If the fork is continued to be used it can break and therefore cause injury of even death. The replacement is of huge importance before any further use of the affected models. What to do next? If you ride any of the aforementioned models, please stop using your bike immediately and get in touch with the MERIDA dealer you bought your bike from. If you are unsure please get in touch with your MERIDA dealer to check if your bike is also affected. Replacement at our MERIDA dealer and timeframe In conjunction with our dealers, we are running a replacement scheme for the affected forks. Currently, we have got stock of replacement Merida forks. How can you see if your fork is affected?The affected forks are limited to two model numbers and one production code. The details can be found on a sticker with QR-code that is visible when the stem is removed and the fork has been taken out of the frame. FK-CF1638 (model number - rim brake version) or FK-CF1638D (model number - disc brake version) A-0-UD production code Only forks with either of the two model numbers as well as the production code are affected. Not affected forks – markings on the replacement forks If there is a different number on the sticker on your MERIDA carbon fork steerer than the fork is not affected and has passed all safety tests. To determine at a later date if one of a replacement forks have been fitted, there will be a clear identification on the fork. Further details regarding its identification will be published at a later date.
  18. Hi I've decided to buy a new bike and have come down to the following 2 options and need some help deciding. Fuji Tahoe or Merida TFS500?? Fuji Specs FORK ROCKSHOX Recon Silver TK Solo Air Taper 100mm travel w/ PopLoc Remote LockOut CRANKSET Shimano SLX Hollow Tech II w/Integrated spindle, 24/32/42T BOTTOM BRACKET Shimano Integrated BB Set FRONT DERAILLEUR Shimano SLX, 34.9mm REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano XT SGS Shadow Top normal 10sp SHIFTERS Shimano SLX Rapid Fire, 30-speed CASSETTE Shimano SLX, 11-36T 10sp TIRES Continental Race King 26x2.2" Foldable BRAKE SET Tektro Aurigo Pro Hydraulic Disc Brake, 180/160mm rotor BRAKE LEVERS Tektro Aurigo Pro Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever Merida Specs FORK: SR Suntour XCR-RL 100 DERAILLEUR FRONT: Shimano Deore-10 DERAILLEUR REAR: Shimano Deore XT-10 SHIFTERS: Shimano Deore Rapidfire BRAKE LEVERS: attached BRAKES: Shimano M446 180/160 TIRES: Maxxis Aspen 2.1 Fold
  19. Mountain Bikes ONE-FORTY – a new trail bike concept Today’s trail bikes become more and more versatile, capable and fun to ride. What used to be the perfect bike for a ‘long day in the saddle’ is able to perform at the highest level on the most demand trails today. The ONE-TWENTY is one of the most capable mid travel bike the MERIDA full suspension range has ever seen, and the ONE-SIXTY enduro machine which was only introduced in 2017 not only won various tests and press accolades but also changed the perception of the MERIDA brand amongst trail and enduro riders. After the successful introduction of the ONE-TWENTY (introducing ‘Float Link’ rear suspension) to the MERIDA line-up which was closely followed by the test winning ONE-SIXTY enduro machine, it was just a question of time to close the gap between these two top performing bikes – welcome to the new ONE-FORTY. ONE-FORTY - the latest addition to our float link equipped full suspension trail bike line-up and the perfect all day bike if you like your trails to be challenging. A brand new lightweight aluminium bike combining all the latest design thinking and can deal with far more than the 140 mm travel label suggests. Our super price aggressive trail weapon is more capable than a ONE-TWENTY but more agile than a ONE-SIXTY. Smart entry: Cables, housings and brake hoses are clamped under tension to prevent rattling when the trail gets rough. All inlets are completely interchangeable to deal with Di2, hydraulic hoses, brake cable and gear cable housings, etc.Float Link Suspension: The lower shock mount moves with the system to deliver plushness and pedalling efficiency. Our engineers can precisely influence the transmission ratio and progression, which means that a ‘Float Link’ system is very sensitive, delivering great support in mid-travel and the appearance of more than the 140 mm travel that the model name suggests. Modern trail bike geometry: The geometry of the brand new ONE-FORTY has taken lots of influence from its bigger brother, the ONE-SIXTY, by mimicking the super short chainstays (435 mm) for the perfect balance between stability and and playfulness on the trail. A long reach and low centre of gravity combined with a short stem and wide handlebar deliver fun packed, confidence inspiring handling. Tyre clearance: The new ONE-FORTY has clearance for up to 2.6” wide tyres, allowing plenty of extra room to fit the right tyre for the track. Extra wide tyres deliver increased levels of grip and traction when the track gets rougher and more demanding, significantly improving the overall handling and riding experience. Metric shock and Trunnion mount: New metric shocks give our frame designers more flexibility by using a shorter shock with increased stroke. Combined with the ball bearing bushing of the upper trunnion mount, sensitivity is increased, and the suspension performance can be perfectly tuned. 1x specific drivetrain: Modern trail bikes are all about simplicity, durability and efficiency and 1x drivetrains offer a huge gear range whilst remaining lightweight. Building our frame around a 1x specific setup allows us to keep chainstays short, adding to the agility and playfulness of the bike. Perfect for today’s demanding trails. ONE-SIXTY – now also available in an all aluminium option Following in the footsteps of the test winning carbon/aluminium version of the ONE-SIXTY which was introduced to the MERIDA line-up in 2017, the new for 2018 all aluminium version offers the same outstanding geometry and handling but at a more affordable price point. Similarly to its carbon/aluminium brother, our all aluminium ONE-SIXTY combines super short 430 mm chainstays for increased agility and playfulness, with a long reach, slack head angles and a low centre of gravity, delivering an aggressive enduro geometry.Further features of our entry level enduro bike are boost technology, trunnion mounted metric shocks, ‘Smart Entry’ internal cable routing and our proven ‘Float Link’ suspension system. BIG.NINE/SEVEN TFS – a new and exciting frame concept Within one of the biggest segments of the MERIDA range the entry level of our BIG.NINE/SEVEN hard tail range – the TFS frame – gets a complete makeover. The introduction of slim tube shapes creates a new look. A more relaxed geometry, achieved through a longer top tube and a higher head tube, offers a more upright riding position and enhanced trail visibility. The new frame also comes equipped with kickstand and fender mounts. In comparison to the previews model, the new TFS frame has a lower stand-over-height and a long head tube. It also features a slack head angle and steeper seat angle for more control as well as a more ‘sitting within the bike’ seating position. The updated geometry also features longer reach for the perfect combination with short modern stems. The new TFS frame is aimed at the beginner to advanced rider who prefers less demanding trails and forest roads. The bike invites the rider to also use it on the daily commute which will make the fixing points for a rear rack, mudguards and a kickstand a real plus. Road Bikes REACTO – the lightest, fastest and most comfortable aero road bike in MERIDA’s history Completely redesigned for 2018. The wind tunnel honed shape improves aerodynamics by 5%, and a new carbon lay up reduces the over all weight significantly. Simplicity was also the key objective as overly complex solutions create a nightmare for mechanics resulting in costly workshop bills. A new DISC version was also added. The difference in aerodynamic efficiency between calliper and disc is less than one watt, but with all that speed on tap, disc brakes make real sense for high speed descending and controlled cornering. The new REACTO is the lightest, fastest and most comfortable aero road bike in MERIDA’s history with a weight reduction of over 17% and an increase in comfort of 10% in comparison to the previous model. All that was achieved without creating an overly complicated concept, making servicing and maintaining the new REACTO a straight forward affair – aerodynamics simplified. Improved aerodynamics: We could improve the aero performance over the previous model by around 8 Watts which equals somewhere around 5 %. This was achieved by slimming down the tube shapes, introducing a lower seat stay connection and adding a one piece cockpit with integrational features to our bike. To put this in perspective: If you do a solo ride with the new REACTO over 100 km, you save as much energy as riding the same distance with a traditional round-tubed road bike but drafting 30 km of the whole distance.Improved comfort: Comfort could be improved by redesigning the seat stays and the S-Flex seat post with a slimmer cross section and a bigger window. Improvement here is around 10 %. Improved weight: The total weight improvement of the complete frame kit including seat post is: The weight reduction of 18,5 % has been achieved by slimming the tube diameters and using different layup combinations. Keeping stiffness: Due to its oversized BB area and huge cross-sections, we were able to keep the great stiffness of the previous version. Taking advantage of new UCI rules: Modified seat stays with a bigger bend towards the cassette lead to a greater aerodynamic performance. Added disc brake option: As technology develops, our REACTO bikes are ready to run the latest technology. More control, less noise and improved safety! Integrated cockpit design: The head tube and top tube section are designed to match with the FSA Metron 5D Cockpit, offering the perfect balance between gains in performance without sacrificing the serviceability of the cockpit and cable routing. SILEX – something never seen before in the MERIDA range / Every road is yours There’s a certain beauty in just riding without watching the time, heading wherever you feel the urge. For those rides, our new SILEX makes total sense; our most comfortable and versatile road bike ever. With its modern MTB inspired geometry; long top and head tube and short stem it offers nimble and confidence inspiring handling. Our SILEX is a new and exciting concept at MERIDA, creating a bike that is at home in a variety of environments and talks to a broad range of riders. From bike packing, via commuting all the way to joining the odd chain gang and from pristine tarmac, via gravel tracks all the way to the occasional bit of off-road single track. Our SILEX is at home pretty much everywhere you can imagine riding your bike. The key feature of our SILEX concept is the frame and with that the geometry which makes this bike what it is. A very long head tube and long reach combined with a short stem (80/90 mm) and relatively low stand-over-height give a unique riding experience. This leads to a very upright position on the bike which creates less tension in the back and neck area. There are many bikes out there with a so called ‘endurance’ geometry, but the actual difference is very small. Usually, the difference is just a longer head tube and a shorter reach. We have noticed that many customers still put a significant amount of spacers underneath the stem to bring up their position on the bike. This reduces the stiffness noticeably as well as having a negative effect on the clean appearance of the bike. With our new concept, we’ll have a long tapered head tube which makes the use of several spacers obsolete. Not only will the bike look much sportier, but it will have a substantial increase in front end stiffness which is quite important if you take it off-road.Furthermore, the rider has the opportunity to ride safe and comfortable in the drops which is not that easy on many road bikes. Riding comfortably in the drops provides additional safety on descents (especially on ‘trails’) because you can have better braking control while the centre of gravity is still in a central position on the bike. CROSSWAY TFS (new frame concept) A perfect blend of comfort, enjoyment and all-round functionality, suitable for fitness training, commuting and leisurely rides through forests and on trails. Made from high-quality lightweight aluminium, with the ability to mount mudguards, racks and kickstands, the CROSSWAY range is the perfect choice for everyday riding.And for 2018 we have a new CROSSWAY TFS frame in the range. Our new frame looks more like a mountain bike with a heavily sloping top tube for easier mounting and hidden cable routing underneath the down tube. The tapered head tube provides extra steering precision and the seat tube increases to 30.9 mm, enabling a dropper seat post to be fitted. We have also increased the tyre clearance to allow high volume tyres to be run, giving the rider the choice to fit wider tyres for increased off-road grip or for extra comfort on the way to work. eBikes Our hugely successful and award winning PERFORMANCE e-bike range will only see minor changes and improvements along the lines of the e-bike specific DT Hybrid wheelset, an additional XL size for our award winning eONE-SIXTY 900-E and further colour options in our eONE-TWENTY range. eBIG.TOUR: Shimano E8000 battery and a more fluid battery integration for our ‘active’ e-MTB with E6000 power unit Our eBIG.TOUR is our ‘active’ e-MTB. Depending on the chosen frame size the bike comes equipped with either 27.5” or 29er wheels. It is powered by the proven E6000 STePS motor from Shimano and comes equipped with a 100 mm suspension fork. The short seat tube offers a low step over height while the longer head tube paired with a short top tube create a more upright and with that very comfortable riding position. Full equipped versions with rear rack and fenders are also available. Up to now our eBIG.TOUR was powered by the E6000 battery, but for 2018 we have specced our e-MTB with the ‘range extending’ E8000 unit which offers 500 Wh. Besides that, we have also given the eBIG.TOUR a new down tube which allows a far neater and cleaner battery integration and thanks to our ‘Smart Entry’ system has all cables run internally. eSPRESSO and eSPRESSO CITY with further integration and E8000 moto from Shimano Being active is an important part of our day-to-day life, however, sometimes the ride to work or to the shops is that little bit too long or too hilly. Our eSPRESSO perfectly combines day-to-day usability with staying fit and healthy. We offer an array of frame and specification tyres: the eSPRESSO with the classic ‘diamond’ frame, the eSPRESSO L (low) with a heavily sloping top tube and the eSPRESSO CITY models with a low step through frame. All bikes are fully equipped or are ready for a rear rack, mud guards or a kick stand to be fitted. Similarly, to our eBIG.TOUR models, the eSPRESSO also relied upon the proven combination of E6000 motor and matching battery. While keeping this option in the range we will also have the powerful E8000 setup of motor and battery in our 2018 eSPRESSO offering. Further to offering our customers more choice when it comes to the power unit and battery, we also upgraded the down tube of our eSPRESSO range for a more fluid integration of the power source as well as to add internal cable routing via our ‘Smart Entry’ system. Our low step through model, the eSPRESSO CITY features a completely new frame in the E8000 version. The new frame features vertical battery positioning in front of the seat tube to improve the centre of gravity on the bike as well as allowing an even lower step through. All cables are routed internally. The E6000 models of the eSPRESSO CITY range remain in the 2018 offering largely unchanged. A particular stylish addition is the eSPRESSO URBAN with its understated ‘bad boy’ appearance, long list of individual spec highlights (for example Supernova lights, suspension forks with through axle, 2.0” balloon tyres etc.) and powerful E8000 motor and battery combo. eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN: new battery integration and E8000 motor With regards to the riding characteristics and its geometry our eBIG.NINE (29er wheels) and eBIG.SEVEN (27.5” wheels) fit right between the more relaxed eBIG.TOUR and the more trail focused and playful eBIG.TRAIL. That makes it the perfect bike for everyone who is looking for the perfect balance between riding a sportier e-bike companion which offers fantastic day-to-day usability. Our eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN can be equipped with mud guards and even kick stand, giving the bike huge versatility for the daily commute or trip to the shops. If you are looking for a reliable and fast commuter who also likes a more off-road bias route on the way back home, than the eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN are the ideal choice. Up to now our eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN were only available in the Shimano E6000 motor and battery equipped version, but for 2018 we also offer the more powerful E8000 motor and battery (500 Wh) combination. The more entry level orientated version of the eBIG.NINE and eBIG.SEVEN range will carry on with the E6000 motor but will be specced with the range extending E8000 battery.
  20. And in international crime news... http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/bahrain-merida-bikes-stolen-ahead-of-hammer-series/
  21. Hi, i am looking at purchasing a Merida road bike. I see there are 3 frame types : Ride, Scultura and Reacto. I use my road bike mainly for exercise and road events 50km to 100km range. There are some hills on all the routes but its not my forte. I tend to push myself for better / faster times on the same route, my best time always being my opponent. Why Merida you ask? Well its a question of what i can afford and of what Brands are currently available via my bike shop. Of the brands that there are stock left over in the country i decided to go with Merida. I had a 2007 Scott Elite CR1 upto this point with full shimano Tiagra. Now that you know a bit about what i want to use the bike for. Please help me pick the correct bike. I have the following on my short list. It simply comes down to which frame type suits my needs. - Merida Reacto 4000 - Merida Scultura 5000 - Merida Ride 7000 Of the 3 above i think the Reacto looks the coolest but i am not sure it is the correct choice for what i use my bike for. I am concerned that i will suffer on it on some of the hills that i do. Will also need to do the 2015 Argust on this bike. Awaiting your advise. Wayne
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  24. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is completely unique: she began cycling for Stians Sport AS / MERIDA in 2002 and has been with the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM from the beginning. Throughout her long career Gunn-Rita has won 10 World Championship titles, 8 European championships, and 29 World Cup races. She is the most successful World Cup mountain biker of all time. For the upcoming two seasons, she will ride for her own team: Team MERIDA Gunn-Rita. Gunn-Rita will own and run the team in co-operation with Stians Sport AS, MERIDA and the Norwegian National Team. In 2001 Kenneth Flesjå took over as Gunn-Rita’s full-time coach and training partner and will continue under Team MERIDA Gunn-Rita. The team will be based in Norway. Managing Director of Stians Sport AS, Stian Steen-Olsen is pleased with the continued partnership: “It’s great to be able to continue working with Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå for another two years. She is mountain biking’s most successful athlete of all time and a figurehead for Stians Sport AS and MERIDA as a brand. Her enthusiasm for the sport continues unabated, and the precision she shows in her work continues to be sensational, even after all these years.” Gunn-Rita will continue at the highest level for the next two seasons, with World Cups, the European Championships and the World Championships being her main targets. With a base in Sandnes, Norway, she will also be competing more regularly in Norway. Gunn-Rita is looking forward to the new challenges the next two years will bring: ”I wish to pursue top level cycling for another 2 years, and I am pleased that I can continue with MERIDA. Kenneth and I are really committed, and nothing will come in the way of winning bike races. My winter training has so far gone as planned. We have made changes on the training front that feel right. I feel a strong loyalty to MERIDA. They had faith and wanted to invest in me. I am proud of the journey we’ve been on together since January 2002 and all of my 19 international championship gold medals were won on MERIDA bikes. Stians Sport AS were the first MERIDA importer globally and remain one of the biggest. I am very proud to continue my career being part of the MERIDA family.” Gunn-Rita has been a professional mountain biker since the autumn of 1995. She is one of Norway’s most successful athletes regardless of sport. Throughout her 20 year long career, she has been crowned mountain biking’s most winning cyclist. She has won 28 international championship medals for Norway. Gunn-Rita has been one the pioneers of women’s mountain biking both nationally and internationally. She has shaped the sport to what it is today. After her debut World Cup in 1995 it was clear this wasn’t the last we’d hear about the charismatic mountain biker from Bjørnheimsbygd in Strand, Norway. During the following 20 years, Gunn-Rita made sport history and had repeated success winning gold at World Cup and World Championship level, most recently World Championship and World Cup gold in the 2015 season. The last few years Gunn-Rita has combined life as a professional athlete and mother to Bjørnar (7). Together with her husband and trainer, Kenneth Flesjå, they have perfected the recipe needed for success. 2016 was a solid season for Gunn-Rita, but also brutal in many respects. At the World Championships in Nove Mesto she was knocked down right after the start. The injuries she sustained affected her training for several weeks, and also affected her preparation for the Olympics in Rio. After the disappointment at the World Championships, Gunn-Rita and Kenneth decided to continue racing for two more seasons. In 2017 there will be full focus on XC MTB, but Gunn-Rita will also make time for some road cycling, hoping to qualify for the World Championships in Bergen at the end of September.
  25. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is unparalleled. For over 20 years she has been a part of mountain biking’s world elite, and the queen of MTB is hungry for more! After the demise of the Multivan MERIDA Biking Team at the end of the 2016 season, Gunn-Rita has been working to continue cycling at the highest level. The Norwegian MERIDA distributor, Stians Sport AS took the opportunity and together with MERIDA offered Gunn-Rita the support to form a Norwegian UCI team for the next two seasons. Click here to view the article
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