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Found 13 results

  2. Full Travel premieres on the GT Bicycles Facebook Page for 24 hours from 2am on 24 April 2020 (SA time). We hear it should be available online thereafter, but if you've got some time to kill while it premieres it's worth a watch. Update: The premiere has unfortunately ended, but GT have teased that they may be releasing segments of it each Thursday on their Facebook page. Trailer https://www.facebook.com/GTBicycles/posts/10158879283567494
  3. Take a trip back to the early days of full-suspension mountain bikes with "Full Travel", a documentary from GT Bicycles which tells the story of their suspension development. Click here to view the article
  4. Looking for a few more opinions / experiences with wider rims on XC specific bikes. I have a 29er hardtail: 2014 ZASKAR 9R ELITE & I've been wanting to upgrade my wheelset for a while now, specifically the width of my rims for more control and less tetchy handling downhill. I'm not riding anything extreme. Mostly jeep track with steep sections and loose gravel. My stock standard wheelset is Jalco XCD22, Double Wall, 32H. I believe the internal rim width is 19mm. I currently run Maxis Ikon 2.2 on the rear & Ardent 2.25 on the front. I've felt the handling benefits of wider rims but don't have enough cash to go for a more trail oriented dual suspension bike right now. So I'm trying to see if I can make some changes to help keep my chin on my face for the time being. That said, my bike isn't designed for wider rims and space is tight, especially on the rear. My LBS told me there isn't really any point in buying, for example, a Stans ZTR Arch wheelset with 25mm inner width because A) it's too tight and B) it's not what the bike is built for. I've attached some pics, which might help. What do you guys think?
  5. I took ownership of my first GT 831km's ago, and man have I found the glove that fits me hand! Its the GT 9r Carbon Pro, which I fitted with 2014 American Classic Wide Lightning and some other carbon goodies The ride I can describe as comfortable on marathon type days but yet super snappy through single track due to an aggressive head angle, it climbs, stand up and seated like no bike I've ever had before (11 in the last 3 years) This thing really feels like it Gives you Wings! GT is one of the pioneers in what we enjoy as Mountain Bikers today, so lets give them some credit! Share your pride and joy...
  6. Hi there - quite new to the addictive MTB sport and looking at a decent entry level bike for around 5-6k. I have seen some decent well specced Titan Sports, Giant Revels and Axis A60's, but having difficulty on choosing. Is there a sort of ranking sheet i can refer to, lol? I am about 1.74m , weighing around 90kgs and looking for something smooth, strong and fast. I dont intend becoming an avid trail rider, but possibly looking at the light trails now and then. will propably do more Beach, recreational pavement riding. in addition, what do you reckon is my frame size? i would think medium based on the chart sizing guides. What are your thoughts?
  7. Hi everyone and thanks for making this site so helpful. I'm looking to spend around 10-12k on a hardtail. I have my eye on a new GT Zaskar Sport 2017. Can anyone share their thoughts on this model or its components? It does seem like a great value for money bike (considering it's new). What do you think? I'm a novice who will mainly use it on the tracks around table mountain and for commuting occasionally. I'm not planning on racing or doing anything majorly technical. But I do want something that offers a solid base to build on or to resell in time. Some people have warned me to stay away from GT and that they have a poor resale value. And I've had others say the exact same thing about Silverback (and the opposite about GT). It's hard to find an objective opinion. Most people seem to have higher budgets and are quick to shoot down brands or ranges pitched at a lower price point. I guess I just want to feel confident I'm not being a total idiot in going this direction. But by all means, tell me if+why I am.. The 2nd hand option really does seem more reasonable but I wouldn't know where to start and how to evaluate a bike competently. For example, there is a Silverback Sola 2 (i think 2014) going for 8.9k. Is it worth the risk or would you rather go for a new bike? Thanks for your help, Mintman
  8. Martin chuffed with his win on the last leg of the 2016 Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy. Photo: EWS I had the privilege of joining Martin (along with his team mate, and downhiller, Sam Dale) for a trip up the Garden Route on the first leg of the GT Good Times Tour. After sharing many trails, stories and smiles and some good South African hospitality we sat down with Martin to fire off a few questions. Your family has a strong background in bikes (your Dad racing DH, BMX and others). Where did it all start for you competitively? I’d always been watching my Dad’s racing all through Europe when I was young so I kind of wanted to do the same and this is how everything started. At 6 years old I did my first race as soon as I could and, yeah, I kept going Your background in both cross country and downhill seems like the perfect mix for Enduro. Which discipline would you say helps you the most? I did some dual slalom races and four cross as well. I’ve always loved jumping and riding my little bike and I think that’s most of it. When you start racing, if you can jump you can pretty much do everything so I would say that’s the main thing really. What made you focus on Enduro rather than World Cup Downhill (or any other discipline)? Just because I live in Belgium and you know we don’t have much elevation. So basically if I want to ride my downhill bike I need to do maybe two hours driving, or at least one hour. It’s not perfect and you can’t really train short tracks. Enduro is kind of easy for me, I’ve got the forest next to my door so I just take my bike and I can go train so it’s really easy. We know Belgium for flat lands, beer and road bikes. Where do you get your mountain bike training in? I actually live in quite a good place to ride a bike, it’s quite hilly, well, as I said before the elevation drop is not much, but you can do something. For example if I go for a 50 kilometer ride I can get over 1000m of elevation so it’s not bad. What bike (or bikes) would you take along to a typical EWS round? I always take my [GT] Sanction. Do you want my setup too? It might be secret [chuckles].No, I have a 170mm fork which is quite big. Pretty much all the riders are using 160mm still, but I think it fits well with the Sanction which is a really big bike. I usually run the Schwalbe’s with cut spikes upfront which is not very usual and quite low pressure. Martin put in an aggressive performance to win the final round of the 2016 Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure, Italy. Photo: EWS Looking back at your EWS win at Finale did you have any idea while on course that you were on the way your your first win? No, not really. I felt obviously strong, but not stronger than usual. But my fitness was really good and the setup on my bike as well. I just felt really good all week. Even at practice I just felt, I dunno, like maybe something was coming, something special at least. It’s strange that that was obviously good to put it all together and finally get that win. Aside from Italy, which was your favorite EWS Round in 2016? I think Argentina was my favourite, it was pretty special because of the dust. Like I’ve never seen anything like this. So that’s the one I probably remember the most. Is this your first visit to SA? What do you think of the trails so far? Yeah, first time in South Africa and it’s a good country. I really like it, I’ve had so much fun with the GT Good Times Tour in South Africa so far. We rode the Garden Route Trail park and that’s, well, some of the best trails I’ve ever ridden, probably in my life. It was a good surprise. So they don’t have much elevation, but you know the work they put into it and everything was just really awesome. It’s a beautiful place as well. Just hanging out at the Garden Route Trail Park Find out more about the GT Good Times Tour here.
  9. We chat to nineteen year old Enduro star Martin Maes of GT Factory Racing who was recently in South Africa for the GT Good Times Tour. Having closed out the Enduro World Series season in fine fashion with his first win in Italy, Maes will be an exciting contender heading into 2017. Click here to view the article
  10. So after much fighting, frustration and still no resolution I am now taking to the Hub to warn other riders of OMNICO and their customer service levels. It has unfortunately been 13 weeks yesterday and I am still without a bike. I bought the bike at the end of March 2014, it is a GT Zaskar Carbon 100 9r Pro. My riding partner also bought one the same day, but more on his troubles later. This is a Carbon Full Suss, 100mm, XT, Fox marathon bike (+-R40k). The bikes are sold with a 3 year warranty. My troubles began on Saturday the 23rd of May (14 weeks ago) when I could feel movement from the rear wheel, I checked spokes, play etc whilst on a ride, but nothing seemed wrong. So Monday 25th May I took the bike to the dealer (Hattons) for a service, there I asked them to check rear hub, pivot bearings etc for movement as something was wrong. The next morning they phoned to inform me that they had found the fault, the rear triangle had 3 cracks in it. 14 months old, I was understandably a little bit pissed off. The next day (Wednesday 27th May) OMNICO approved the warranty claim, so far so good, but then the lying started. Firstly the triangle would take 14 days to arrive, needless to say nothing arrived. Then when I pushed the shop on it and they contacted OMNICO they were lied to again and told “just tell the customer 4 weeks”, which needless to say again passed by. When I then went into the store and they tried to get an answer again, someone at OMNICO acknowledged that no triangle had ever been ordered and nothing was coming. Then after some moaning from me they sent parts from the US, the wrong colour. When in writing I declined receiving the wrong colour they merely ignored my complaints and sent it to the dealer. I fully understand that spare parts might be limited due to availability, but having a blue and white bike, with a black and grey triangle is not acceptable. Surely you should be returned to the same position you were in or an equivalent. This incorrect part took over 4 more weeks to arrive and has now been at the dealer for going on 5/6 weeks as I refuse to be prejudiced by OMNICO and their faulty product and stuff you attitude. After I made a negative comment about them on the Hub a week or 2 ago they phoned the Dealer to enquire as to why I was upset with them and why the bike hadn’t been sorted. REALLY??. So now the Dealer (Hattons) has been trying to sort out my frame at their cost, they have sent the black/gray triangle off to a custom painter in Durban to get it matched up, so hopefully it will be ok. Bike 2 My riding partner has the same bike, bought on the same day. So needless to say when I informed him of my troubles he took his in for an inspection. No surprises, it was cracked too. OMNICO delayed for as long as possible to approve the claim (many weeks), probably because they knew that we had a case of faulty goods against them. His replacement triangle arrives and no surprises it was the wrong colour, his complaints of mismatching were also ignored. They have since sent him another triangle which we went in for it to be fitted yesterday, this time it was even better. Not only was it another wrong colour (black/blue this time) but its well used, has scratches, chip marks on it. Needless to say he declined that on the spot. I have during this ordeal bought a new PYGA, firstly because I wanted one, but secondly because of OMNICO and the ridiculously bad service. If it wasn’t so laughable I would think the whole sad saga was BS. I luckily through my own large expense now have a bike to ride. We are meeting with lawyers next week to find out our recourse here, for surely this type of service can’t be condoned. Sadly during this ordeal I have tried repeatedly to make contact with GT international to complain about the product and service, yet there attitude is extremely poor too, “go back to the importer”, but what use is that when they are the problem. Currently there is no resolution and I wait for what will hopefully come back from the painter in 3 weeks and be usable. No thanks to OMNICO. Funnily enough they have said they will give us an extended 3 year warranty on the replacement triangle, it’s taken them almost 4 months on this one to screw us around, the warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on. BEWARE, that is all I have in closing.
  11. For those that missed it : http://www.thehubsa....rame-and-again/ I have had not one, not two but three frame failures on GT 29er bicycles in the last 18 months. After the last one Omnico is refusing to provide me with a replacement frame or refund me the R4000 I paid a year ago to upgrade from a cracked Karakoram to a Zaskar frame. Is there anything I can do other than make sure as many people possible know about this ? -------------------------------- EDIT : This story has a good end : https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/140906-omnico-and-my-3rd-gt-frame/page__st__48#entry2350479 Thank you Omnico
  12. CannondaleCannondale Scalpel For 2015, there will be no aluminium Scalpels, only carbon framed variants will be available. The range topping Scalpel 29 Team (above) will retail for around R 115 000. For this you get a 10 kilogram bike featuring SRAM XX1, Enve wheelset, and of course a carbon Lefty fork (or should it be called a pole?). The Scalpel 29 2 9 (blue/ black), retailing at R 67 000, comes kitted with SRAM XO1, Stan's Arch Ex rims and claims to weigh around 11 kilograms. The Scalpel 29 3 (black/ red) features a mixture of SRAM X9 and X7 in the drivetrain, a Stan's ZTR Rapid wheelset and stealthy black paint job. The Scalpel 29 3 will be selling in your LBS for around R 55 000. Cannondale Rush The Rush will be sold in the place of the aluminium Scalpel's, as Cannondale's more affordable dual suspension range. The Rush 29 1 (black) and Rush 29 2 (green). The Rush 1 comes with Shimano XT/ SLX group set, ZTR Rapid wheelset and apparently weights in at 13.3 kilograms. Recommend retail price: R30 000. The Rush 2 leaves the factory with a blend of SLX and Deore components, DC 3.0 wheelset and with a weight of 13.85 kilograms will set you back R23 500. Cannondale Trigger The Trigger Carbon 2 is available in two wheel sizes 27.5 (pictured above) and 29er. Both similarly specced with Shimano XT groupsets and Mavic Crossroc wheels. The smaller wheel option is marginally cheaper at R75 000, while the 29er will go for R76 000. And a Tandem... Mongoose ArgusA cheap and cheerful fat bike. Need I say more? CrankbrothersOminco recently became the South African distributor for Crankbrothers. They promise to continue the excellent after sales service that the brand is well-known for. Crankbrothers Candy 3 pedals Cobalt 11 Wheelset StagesStages power meters, another brand added to the Omnico stable recently. They are taking this one very seriously to ensure the best experience, including a dedicated support person you can contact should things go wrong. EastonEaston is no longer on Omnico's books but for now they will continuing to honour existing warranties and repairs. GTGT Zaskar Carbon 9R LTD Black is in this summer. At least GT seem to think so. Looking at this carbon beauty, we're not going to say they're wrong. GT Helion Here we have an odd one. This bike isn't set for our shores but Omnico are testing the waters with these exhibition specimens. Check out the marketing video, it explains the concept of this bike far better than I could: So did that inspire you to ditch those racey XC bikes, South Africa? Helion Carbon Team: Helion Carbon Pro: And the more affordable aluminum frame options, the Helion Elite (blue) and the Helium Comp (Grey): Fabric saddlesFabric saddles is another new addition for Omnico. While we didn't get the chance to sit on one, for what it's worth, they did looked supremely comfortable. Bell HelmetsStoker Super 2 Super 2R As the name suggests, this helmet is like the Super 2 but with a detachable chinbar. How #enduro is that? Jokes aside, we like it. Giro HelmetsSynthe The Synthe is Giro's latest road helmet. Here's what they had to say about it: "the Synthe is the pinnacle of road helmet design, combining the performance gains of aero efficiency and light weight with great cooling power to enhance rider comfort and efficiency". Giro Phase And some more...
  13. Omnico recently hosted their annual Roadshow exhibition last week to show off the 2015 bikes and gear. We went along to see what you can expect from Cannondale, GT, Crankbrothers, Mongoose, Bell, Stages and Fabric this coming year. Click here to view the article
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