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Shimano SLX 3x9 48-36-26T and 11-36 cassette


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Can i use the following combination? Shimano SLX 3x9 48-36-26T and 11-36 cassette on an Anthem build?

the pros and cons?

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The only issue I can see is reduced ground clearance with a blade that size. Other than that, it should work fine.


Unless your knees explode.

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Not sure you get SLX in that configuration. I have a plain Deore (590) in that size and it works a treat. 26t is something between a granny and middle blade and provides a comfy spread when climbing without fiddling with the FD. I use the big blade only to cover a lot of level ground at good pace. I use a "normal" 32t cassette. IMO 36t is a bit overrated. If you need that with a granny then you are at or below walking pace.

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ok, ground clearance i too thought would be an issue... so with a 48 up front and 11 at the rear this should buy all account be very fast on flat and down hill?

Normal is like 44-32-22? with 11-34.... so im thinking (or being a dumb ass) that with the 26 up front and ( currently have22) and the 36 at the rear (current 34) it will simulate the current "granny" gear?

because as i understand it, the bigger upfront and smaller rear = fast/hard to pedal and the reverse is smaller upfront bigger rear the more torque? so with the 26 upfront and 36 rear it should work?


BigGuy- you do get a SLX in this config. :) apparently....... :)

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your granny gear ratios-


22/34 = 0.647



26/36 = 0.722


So your granny gear will be a little harder that what you currently have



You will have a bigger gear for the downhills (I have seldom ever needed this)



If you a weight weeny this will prob add 150-200g to your ride.

With the 11-36 you will have bigger "gaps" between ratios (Some people think this is a big deal, I am not sure)

Ground clearance

Non-"standard" parts are more difficult to find (for replacement purposes)


My opinion: why bother?

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Your rear derailleur might have a problem, as the capacity for this setup is 47 teeth, whereas the max that long cages give you is 45 teeth. Just don't ride this combo with your 48 front and 36 at the back.

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Robrider- i see your point and i too have never run out of gear on dirt road using 44-11. only on steep down hill tar road... but then again, i do tar so rarely, id rather have the clearance and lighter components.


thanks Guys! :)

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