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Thanks Frikkie


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Last weekend I was at Northern Farms with my fiance. She got a flat and i forgot she rides tubes and not tubeless like me so didnt bring a spare. So while pushing the bike back to the parking 3km away along came frikkie and his group. Frikkie handed me his spare and off he went after i got his cell number. Seems i didnt take his cell number correctly as i sent a sms to thank him and ask for his banking details to deposit money for atleast 4 tubes for his help but didnt get a response. So i would just like to say, Frikkie if you on the hub, thanks for the tube, you help does not go unnoticed.

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thumbup1.gifto frikkie.i have pulled a frikkie before and it makes me feel good to help a fellow cyclist.
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:D:Jimmy, posting this at such an ungodly hour shows that you're a Hubaholic. :D

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