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baviaans rat

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oi, this old chestnut, but i'll open with my personal fave: Have you ridden any dusty surfaces of late?


Also, is it just dragging, or just squealing, or both? If you spin your wheel with the bike off the ground, does it appear the pads are rubbing?

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I had the same problem. I used veryfine sandpaper to sand the pads with(in water) it was better afterwords.

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the reason i asked about the dust, is that i've only ever had Avid brakes, and they do squeal after dusty riding. However, the squeals had been fixed by either cleaning the rotor (part of the normal post-ride wash), or simply by usage (normally also goes away by itself). I use the sintered metal pads though. Which pads do you have?


also, this is an old chestnut, because some folks report horrible horrible experiences with avid brakes of all makes, yet I personally havent had major issues till recently when it seems i jinxed myself with the 2011 codes that require a bleed every so often, way more than I'm accustomed to with my other avid brakes (juicys and elixirs).

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