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Thought for today - how about an SA Super Randonneur event?


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France has the Paris-Brest-Paris

UK has London-Edinburgh-London

US has Boston-Montreal-Boston


Would be cool to have SA on that map with our own event? And plenty of good riding to choose from:



CT-PE-CT (jeez that would be tough)



The Epic and Argus already put SA on the international map, so how about 1 for audax too?


Just a thought I was pondering whilst stuck at my desk job and dreaming of miles of road ahead ...

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Would be awsome, but unless you have it in a more remote area, the roads are just too dangerous imho. After spending time in the Karoo, I would love to do a dirt road version. Say from Upington to Jeffreys (via the Transbaviaans route).

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Audax riders in the Western Cape kicked around this idea a couple of years ago, but we couldn't get it off the ground. Combining some of the existing approved Audax routes in the Western Cape provided some interesting results when I was trying to plot a 1 000 km road ride.


I like the idea of building the ride around a drawcard. In the Western Cape it could be the Peninsula, Cape Point, or Africa's southernmost tip, Agulhas. Or all of them. Our most recent 600 was Rondebosch - Stellenbosch - Elands Bay - return. A previous 600 incorporated Agulhas. Most of the time these were run on trunk and secondary roads, which are actually pretty good for long-distance riding, in my opinion. It's the long uninhabited stretches that could be tricky. Going further afield to, say, Knysna, would involve organised groups of riders on more heavily trafficked roads, some of them N roads, which I think the authorities would be reluctant to allow.

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