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Cycling and the dog...


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heading towards the gate at 04:15 this morning with the dogs very excited to see dad off. Labraboel puppy of 8 months decides, no! dad needs to stay home and bites a hole in my Maxxis Crossmark UST rear tyre...


No problem, Stans will cure this one...but when the tooth enters the UST just above the bead, nothing helps but a tube...guess who's on my **** list!

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Tumbleweed's first night at home after coming from the breeder saw a Specialized shoe being chewed. He survived though.

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The real difficulty of this situation is (other than the dog being tyre'd, and his owner feeling deflated), is to k@k a very excited dog out at 04:15...

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Feeling Tyre'd eh??


Check my dog taking an afternoon nap.............




i think your dog needs help!!gave my wife and i a good chuckle
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