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Single Speed MTB Training Ride (JHB) 30th June 2012


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Hello there fellow singlespeeders and you curious folk who just couldn't resist reading this.


As you must surely know by know, the 2012 singlespeed world champs is bening held here in South Africa this year. If this is news to you I suggest getting out from under that rock you are living under and surf on over to http://www.sswc2012.co.za. If you are lucky there may still be some entries available.


Getting back to the matter at hand: Training. I am sure that a lot of you have been training like deamons, riding at the ungodly hours of the morning, braving the cold and dark. Stop it immediatly. You are not a roadie! Next you'll be shaving your legs and then we'll really have to start the mocking. Train when the sun shines and the worst of the frost has melted away.


Where was I? Oh yes. Training. By now you have probably become used to only having one gear. You've made peace with not being able to pedal down hills and having to mash the pedals like a bezerker when going up. Your legs are as hard as steel!


That is all fine, but I fear you may have neglected a core part of your fitness regime: The Consumption Of Beer.


TCOB is a core part of the SSWC and, like any sporting dicipline, you will need to train if you aim to succeed.


As anyone who has been cycling for a while will tell you, it is better to train in a group than alone. Especialy when it comes to beer. Drinking alone is after all the first sign of being an alchoholic (according to my mom in any case).


So I propse a group training session.


The plan is to ride to Gilroy's (http://www.gilroybeers.co.za) where we can take part in some beer tasting.


The finer details still need to be hashed out like from where do we ride, what route we'll take. You know. The minor things.


What I need to establish here is how many interrested parties there are. So please reply here if you think that this is just the sort of training you've been after.


UPDATE: Beer tasting costs R80 per person and starts at 11:00am. Booking is advised.





Supavan (Werner)






Kona Kula

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You're killing me here. Would love to join, but I will unfortunately be away that weekend.

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well as we speak im keen for some SSing with those of the same breed .


all my normal or should i say not so normal cycling mate dont undersatnad why i only got one gear ( im tired of explaining it ).

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Love the idea!

Just bad timing for me.

same day as the Ladies Day ride at Van Gaalens where i'll be dressing up as a pink fairy again to ride (on my SS of course) as support for Ladies who encounter difficulties on the route.

however, i'll monitor this post and if the date changes.. i'm there for the beerSS!

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Beer tasting at Gilroy's costs R80 per person and starts at 11:00am. Booking is advised.

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I've sent the invite out to the swampdogs and cyclelab jhb.


Do me a favour and let me know and update the list below with your name if ou are going to be joining. I'll update the list in the original post every couple of days. Also let me know if you can't make it anymore so I can remove your name. If you want to be really helpfull the PM me your email address so I can keep you updated.



supavan (Werner)

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Okay, so I had a long hard look at google maps trying to figure out a route that would not suck total balls.


I'm thinking we start at Victory Park and head to Albert's Farm via the Botanical gardens (we'll have to play nice with the unleashed dogs).


From there it gets hard since I can't see any obvious way of getting to the West Rand without having to go onto the road. Not even sure where to hook up from there. Was looking at the green belt starting at Strubens Valley (behind the Makro) but I can't see any obvious trails.




I'm planning of a recce ride over the weekend if this sniffle I've devloped doesn't mutate into the buebonic plague.

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Hi everyone


I've had an epiphany! instead of leaving from some distant spot and trying to find a route to Gilroy's, why not start there, get lost, and then return back there? That way you don't have to ride back home in an inebriated state. Much safer in a car. Wait what!?!?


So until further notice this is the plan. Start at Gilroys, ride a circular route in the direction batch water swirls (requires less effort I hear) and end up where we started.For the scientifically mided that means we'll have travelled a great deal to achieve a displacement of 0km. So really we'll not be doing much hey :D

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