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This is a race I would love to do


Looks like 2013 is set for the 6 October


L’Eroica – pronounced leh-row-ica – in Tuscany and it was unlike any ride you will ever have done before.

L’Eroica is an event for classic bikes, starting and finishing in Gaiole in Chianti, Province of Siena. Find Italy on the map and it’s about two-thirds of the way up, towards the left. L’Eroica isn’t a race it’s a sportive with some very specific rules. These are they (from the official rules and regs document):



Your vintage bicycle must have all the following characteristics:

• road racing bicycle, built before 1987 (not cyclo cross or time trial bike)

• steel frame (the only aluminum frame bikes permitted are ALAN or VITUS with either screwed or glued joints)

• gear shift levers on the down tube of the frame (exceptionally, only pre-1980 bar-end gear shifts are allowed)

• pedals with toe clips and fitted straps (quick release pedals are not allowed, except Cinelli M71 pedals)

• the passage of brake cable outside the handlebars

New bicycles with steel frames can be used but they must be assembled with vintage components (gear levers, handlebars, pedals, etc).

The adjustment of the rear wheel gears to suit the difficulty of the route is permitted.

You get the idea. This ride is for vintage bikes only. You can just about get away with aluminium but carbon? No chance.


This end of season event has a unique atmosphere thanks to the sections of Tuscan dirt roads and because most of the riders use vintage bikes and wear old style wool clothing.

The route winds through stunning Tuscan countryside near Siena and the sections on the white roads or farm tracks takes you back to what it must have been like racing in the 40's and 50's. Going Vintage is a great way to saviour the camaraderie of cycling

The charm of this event remains unchanged and every year it sees the participation of numerous people from all over the world.

L'Eroica is the love for cycling and the rediscovery of roads that haven't been violated by time and asphalt.

Routes that cross the lovely hills of the Sienese landscape. There are four routes available to participants: the longest is 205 km of which 110km is on unpaved roads: the second winds along at 135Km, of which 70km of unpaved roads: the third is 75km, of which 35km are on unpaved roads. The selection concludes with the shortest route of 38km, of which 10km is on unpaved roads. The departure is also staggered, depending on the route chosen:at 5am for those who have selected the longest route to 8.30am for those doing the third and fourth routes.

Gusto Cycling can offer registration, accommodation and a retro bike for the event..contact marco@gustocycling.com to discuss options.




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I've got an old Colnago that would be perfect for this race but have updated it with new parts would have to look at building another classic bike for this - any excuse clap.gif

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