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Weird Chain Goings on


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Hey All.


I did a jump last week with a bit more vigour than I normally do and when i landed and started pedaling I realised that my chain had snapped.


As the chain was pretty geriatric I decided that replacing it was a good idea. So I went to my LBS and got a replacement. that was the same specifications. As I cannot find the old chain. I had a couple of problems getting the chain to the right length (As it came it was way too long and the rear derailleur could not tension it at all from gears 7-9 if i were on the middle chainring at the front) I got around this by shortening the chain so that the rear derailleur can provide a little tension it now shifts easily.


However, When I went for my usual morning cycle today, whenever I pedal hard something strange happens, as the chainring turns the chain does not disengage from the middle chainring. thus the chain gets all snarled up and i cannot pedal.


I had a similar problem a while back and never figured out why it happened and then it magically went away.


Any Ideas as to what the problem may be? I am not sure if its because the chain is not the right length or if it is related to what broke the original chain in the first place.

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Hmm, sounds like the chainring is carrying the chain back up and getting entangled. The only solution is a new chainring, I believe, Your current chainring may be too worn that it doesn't mesh properly with the new chain.


The chain may be too long, but that would just lead to sloppy shifts, not necessarily chain 'suck'. Chain length is easy to figure out. in the smallest sprocket, there should be enough tension so the jockey wheels don't touch the sprocket.

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One popular method to determine the correct chain length is to put the new chain over the largest chainring and the largest cog and then add 2 links.

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Yep, that's chainsuck. Search the forum for a document called "everything you need to know about bicycle chains" if you want to know why it happens.


End result - new chainring.

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