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triple blade to two blade


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I have a scott 910 that now comes with a 2 blade front set up,after riding 3 blade on my expert I find it quite hard to adapt.


Any simular stories--.I feel the ratio drop between big blade and small blade is very big and that the climbing gear is just to hard compared with the old donkey gear.


Im a small rider,


Shimano gearing

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I had a similar experience, but don't regret the move.


I've learned to change gears more consciously of the big difference up front.

The granny gear is more ability/power related and if you find that you just do not have enough gears you could change it to more suitable ratios. I found that I got used to it. In my case the difference wasn't too big though as my cluster does have a rather forgiving granny gear.


Maybe do an exercise on your gear rations and see how it compares with other bikes.

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36 as far as I know


42t if you get this:


  • Uses standard freehub driver bodies
  • 12 upshift points optimized for most 11-36 cassettes
  • 10-speeds (with 17 tooth removed): 11-13-15-19-21-24-28-32-36-42
  • OneUp adapted cassette weight increase: 51g
  • Typical 3X to 1X system weight decrease: 367g
  • Cassette range improvement: 17%
  • Colors: Black or green



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I had the same experience, you will Get stronger and you won't need the granny I promise. it takes some time to adjust

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I moved from a 44-32-24 front and 36-11 back to a 40-26 front and 36-11 back. Made me a much stronger rider.


Are you struggling with the "granny gear". I've had some friends switch to a 38-24. It is quite a big difference in size of blades front, but like someone said, learn to use the full range of that 36-11 and anticipate when to be in large / small ring front.


I absolutely love the 2 blades front and will in future (as I get stronger) even consider the 1x11 option of SRAM.

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thanks for the feedback maybe these stickleggs of the 48yr old will adapt,must say im worried about Atta with the 2 blade 38 vs 42 ,

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