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Muscle endurance

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How do I increase muscle endurance?


I can do a good 30-40km ride/race, but I get killed when going more than that. I just feel 'pap', no power, no lungs.


I have a home gym with free weights and an elliptical cross-trainer. Is spinning the only answer to increase aerobic fitness? I am currently focussing on crosstraining as much as my time and resources allows me.


Guidance will be appreciated. Thanks

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Do you eat anything during the longer races? If not, get some nutrition in after 20 - 40 minutes, and keep eating something at those intervals.


Rule of thumb: you need 2g of carbs per kg of body weight per hour.


Find some food that works for you, and keep on snacking.

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Yeah, nutrition is definitely a factor. Experience low sugar at times. I use gels every 35-40min with plenty of water. Unfortunately can't stomach the isotonic drinks. Eating on the ride is difficult - riding one handed on singletrack/farm roads is looking for trouble...


I have been riding for 3 years now - only started doing races this year. My normal training distances are 30-55km (1h30 to 2h30). Even in training 50 plus is a killer. I started to do more high intensity interval rides which has made a difference - albeit only for short burst of speed. But carrying that speed/endurance for long periods is a problem

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Assuming that distance takes you around 2 to 2,5 hours on a MTB? Your intensity is probably quite high for most of that time... Be careful not to make all your trainng high intensity.


My suggestion is to ride easily (low intensity around 60% effort) just one day in the week/weekend with the aim of increasing the amount of time you spend on the bike. Increase time by 10-15% every week until you can comfortably ride for as long as you want to. Don't reduce your short high intensity efforts.


The difficulty with MTBing is finding flat easy terrain where you can do this. Trying it indoors would e mind numbing.




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You're all talking about different things here:

Muscular endurance

Aerobic endurance/fitness

Strength (endurance?)


You need to build your basic abilites:

Muscular Force

Aerobic Endurance

Speed Skill


These are the building blocks of any type of training/fitness program. If you neglect these, you cannot build the 'higher abilites', the ones that are a combination of the basics:

MF and AE creates Muscular Endurance (the stuff that makes you a climbing monster)

AE and SS creates Anaerobic endurance - think more than max effort over a few kilometers.

SS and MF creates sprint power - think Sprinting with the volume at 11 and distance of two city blocks


Either find yourself a trainer that know his stuff and let him/her create a training plan for you, or do a lot of research. I suggest reading up what Joe Friel writes, and get one or two of his books. Mountain Bikers training bible gives a very good level of understanding of what makes up fitness and also helps you create a proper training plan.

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