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Tapered/non-tapered headset


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ek moet 'n std semi integrated 1 and a 1/8th headset he, ma nou weet ek nie: tapered of nie??

wat is die verskil?

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a std 1 1/8th headset has identical diameter bearings (usually 44mm) on both the top and bottom cups of the headset and is designed for a fork with a straight 1 1/8th" steerer tube


A tapered steerer tube has a fatter diameter at the crown of the fork and uses a 1 1/8th" diameter top bearing cup and a 1 1/2" wider bottom bearing cup.


Tapered headsets need to be checked that they will fit your frame, as they can use 49 or 56mm bearings for the bottom cup


Some headsets have external cups, where the part holding the bearing is outside the headtube of the frame. Other headsets have their cups with bearings fitting completely inside the headtube

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That looks straight to me..

that looks like a std 1 1/8th " NON tapered headtube. you dont need a tapered headset.


ja soos in very straight LOL dus non tapered, en ja 1 1/8th inch std semi integrated

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ok, that is the marley frame.


It runs a 44mm headtube...see below:


The Marley uses the 44mm headset standard which permits the use of headsets from Cane Creek, Nukeproof and others to accommodate all steerer tube configurations. With the right headset, this frame can take a 1.125in, tapered or 1.5in fork. We recommend Nukeproof headset models - 44IESS and 44IISS (standard), 44IETS (tapered) or 44EEOS (1.5in steerer).

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The fork will also play a roll in your headset selection.... see below:

  • Recommended fork travel: 130/140mm with external bottom cup – 140/150 with internal bottom cup

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