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Lynch denies doping allegations2006-09-27


13:37:16http://www.news24.com/Images/Photos/20060927132953drugs.jpgThe man at the centre of Carte Blanche's revelations into the supply of banned substances to atheletes has denied providing anything other than information.

Cape Town - The man at the centre of Carte Blanche's shocking revelations into the supply of banned substances to South African athletes, has vehemently denied ever providing anything other than information concerning the subject.

In an exclusive interview with News24, former Springbok cyclist Shawn Lynch, rubbished suggestions that he has ever provided any sportsman or woman in the country with any illegal substances.

"I want to make it clear that never before have I ever provided anyone who has approached me with any performance enhancing substance.

"On four occasions to date I have been set-up (as in the Carte Blanche situation) and each time I have given the same answer: "I do not supply anyone with drugs".

"I have a fascination with the whole drug situation and how it's gripping world sport - not just cycling - and I read extensively both in journals and on the internet to further my knowledge and understanding of the issue.

"Those who know I'm interested (in the subject) approach me with questions relating to not only how certain substances could improve their performances, but general queries on sport as well.

Lynch was at pains to point out that taking banned substances certainly won't turn every athlete into an Olympic gold medal winner.

"There's no substitute for hard work, passion and dedication to one's profession," Lynch pointed out.

"There have been many times I have told people that drugs are not the answer to their problems. Doping is serious decision for an athlete to take, and once you have taken that step, unfortunately there is no turning back.

"I would hate anyone to think I provide information to everybody that approaches me. Recently a gentleman inquired about the risks of women taking certain substances. When it became clear they were intended for his 14-year-old daughter, I told him in no uncertain terms to get lost.

"My wife was present at the time and I've made a promise to her that I would never and have never supplied such substances which will hopefully rubbish reports that my wife is considering divorcing me following the allegations."

Lynch went to great lengths to stress that contrary to reports he has not fled the country nor sold his house and is available for comment whenever possible.

Lynch openly admits being penalised on two occasions for taking drugs while at the peak of his own career.

"Upon reflection it perhaps wasn't the smartest decision I've ever made," Lynch confirms.

"Drugs made me feel lazy and hindered me in putting in the training required to compete at the highest level. While there's no doubt that drugs do help one perform at an 'artificial' high, the worry of being caught while partaking in races and the long-term stigma attached to being branded a cheat, certainly isn't worth the risk.

"In fact the best results I ever achieved while competing where when clean and not having to deal with the address stress of having to pass a post-race doping test."

Lynch also refuted suggestions that he received tip-offs from officials as to when testing was due to take place.

"There are no leaks within the South African Cycling Federation (SACF) or Cycling South Africa (CSA). They have no idea who will be tested. They merely submit a list of names to the Institute for Drug Free Sport (IDFS) who then arrange the testing. Perhaps the IDFS should start looking in-house for a possible leak.

"As long as the risk of getting caught is slim, people will continue to take chances and if they are, why not allow them to rather get more information on the subject before just taking anything they can get their hands on."

Upon reflection and stunned by the furore the latest revelations have caused, Lynch is reconsidering his position as a point of reference on the subject of banned substances.

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But he said that officials warned him about tests!!!  Chunky, jong, jy maak jou naam gat en jy praat jouself vas!

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Can it be that this guy is only a bullsh!tter???? Can it be that he only loves the sound of his own voice. Anybody out there that has had any direct covert contact with him???? Could be a good and safe forum to come out of the closet. Use a "false"  name and state facts.

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Stop using the name CHUNKY in your posts... did u see how duk he is... it takes up bandwidth and the pages take longer to load! Cry

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Are we again on this topic ??????? Did we not agree on this forum that this a flogged horse ?????


I'm sure there are better things cycling & in general to talk about than a man pumped full of dope and a head & brain the size of a pea ......enough already !!Angry


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But he said that officials warned him about tests!!!  Chunky' date=' jong, jy maak jou naam gat en jy praat jouself vas! [/quote']


Cant you understand. The leak doesnt come from SACF or CSA, it comes from drug free sport.
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I think this is for testing at home only. Out of competition tests.


If you get a result at a race I think you know you will be tested. Must be the out of competition test he talks about then.
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