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Attention: Possible Time pedal Recall


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For those of us who ride with Time pedals




Article Reads:








United States

RXS road pedal recall


(consumers outside the United States should have their local dealer

contact the

TIME distributor for their country)


Models Affected: RXS


Carbon, RXS Carbon, RXS and RXE (black or grey pedal body) sold between

October 2004 and July 2006. The white pedal body RXS World

Champion is not affected by this recall.


Pedals that

are not subject to this

recall have a

gold dot on the underside of the pedal body just inside where the

bearing cap

is mounted to the pedal body, see images below.

http://www.timesportusa.com/rxsrecall/rxs/RXSgold.jpg http://www.timesportusa.com/rxsrecall/rxs/RXSgoldDetail.jpg



with gold dot are not subject

to this


2007 model pedals

that do not have the racing clip are also not subject to this recall.

see images below


http://www.timesportusa.com/rxsrecall/rxs/clip.jpg http://www.timesportusa.com/rxsrecall/rxs/noclip.jpg


Only pedals with black or grey bodies with the Racing Clip are subject

to this recall


Hazard: The

threaded bearing cap can

potentially come

unthreaded from the pedal body and this can result in the pedal body

coming off

the pedal axle & bearing unit.



should stop using the affected pedals immediately. Dealers and

consumers should

contact TIME SPORT INTERNATIONAL directly to arrange for the pedals to


inspected and, if necessary, to undergo repair.

Contact: For

more information, contact TIME SPORT INTERNATIONAL at (800) 240-8051


October 2 2006, or for

quicker service, send an e-mail to rxsrecall@timesportusa.com

with your name, address, phone

number, pedal model and condition: new/used.


Pedals that have

already been repaired have a

red dot on the pedal body just inside where the

bearing cap

is mounted to the pedal body. see images below



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From what I can gather on Cycling News, they have now been recalled. Told you that Look was the way to go .... Wink

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Ou mampara' date=' now you bought this sh|t, and now you have a problem! [/quote']


No, I have not bought yet. Pondering over CWC Ultegra offer. Best in the country so far, including shipping.


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Which bicycle shop owners do you think have gone out to buy gold marker pens?LOL

I'll send mine in after 94,7.
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