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99 USD is the limit to trigger a foreign fraud alert on most US credit cards so it takes a stupid buyer/quick $99 transaction and boom they gone - these clowns are all over the net


they are indeed a professional scamming company in the world (earth) :ph34r:

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How do they get away with this and why does Facebook take their ad spend?

cause facebook like money and probably don't have a very strict screening process

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Send E-mails to us at service@gogogmail.com, and we will try our best to provide for you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. In the case of holidays, please wait patiently for one or two days. If a reply has not been received for a long time, please check the spam mails or the spam mails folder.

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Did anyone order from this website? are they legit?


Are you joking? Definitely not legit Edited by raptor
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R1,200 for a full carbon eagle x12 duallie bike is totes legit.




Come on people. Think with your head not your heart/wallet.


Edit: I just emailed the details to Diamond Back - hopefully they'll take it seriously!


Edit edit: They sent a cut'n'paste response:


Thank you for informing us that you received this ad. Please do not take any action to purchase anything from this site or any site just like it. These Ads are not in anyway connected with our company, our legal team is currently investigating. Thank You. 

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I have also ordered and paid for a bike over honiystore.com on 8th November 2018, but yet to receive my order. Also, the site is not accessible from India. The emails received from the email ID mentioned on the site claim that the shipment details are updated on the website. But, those are not accessible as their site is not being accessed from India.

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