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Boost advice needed.


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I'm looking at purchasing a boost mtb frame.


Problem is that i have a non-boost 15X100mm fork.Can it be used or do i need a 15X110mm?



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Non-boost fork will work, no problem.

You'll need to get a boost rear hub though. You can run a regular crankset as well but you will need boost cranks for optimal chainline.

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I've just done the same thing.  I got the Hope boost adapter kit for my rear wheel and used my existing fork and crank.  No issues at all.

You didn't need to dish the wheel?

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you can get "boost" cranks for the most part just by using spacers that get the chainring spacing from 48-50mm non-boost range to 51-53mm Boost range. i guess if a crank says "boost" it already compensates for that extra 3mm. 


see here:



EDIT: easiest way if you have a "non Boost" crank would be to just use an extra spacer on the BB-drive side imo lol.


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