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Help with indoor trainer


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Hello fellow hubbers. I have recently bought the Taxc flow for training indoors on my mtb. While setup was a breeze....locking in the rear wheel is a bit of a pain. I just can't get it right. The tire keeps pushing against even the body of the trainer and the wheel size just seems to be to big for the trainer. But they say on the website that it is compatible with a 29" wheel. Is it the mtb tire that is just to big and should I put a trainer tire on, or is there just a simple trick to it?

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Doesn't the clamp/lock come with different spacers, on even different clamps possibly.?

To accommodate 26", 700c, 29" etc.

Using an actual knobbly mtb tyre rather than a trainer slick could be adding to the headache.

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Quick google on the docs indicates:


29ʺ wheel with Tacx trainer tyre


I have a Wahoo Kickr snap and I can just get my 29er MTB tires to fit - tried it once when my roadie was at the shop. In addition to touching the frame its very noisy and the knoblies don't have enough grip - so they slip at higher watt levels.


You are going to need a trainer tyre or at the very minimum a road bike tyre (works well enough for me). Its a pain to have to swap out tyres with tubeless though ... so you are probably going to need another rim ... or buy a cheap second hand road bike and leave it on the trainer.

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I have a slick works great but it is a huge pain in the rear to swap around had to do it weekly as my wife used it for her WP comp training during the week to save time from going to gym and my brother used the bike on the weekends when we hit the trails.

Did it because I wanted to keep both happy if it was for myself I would have never.

So what I am trying to say is get another rim doesn't even need a brake just something with a slick otherwise the noise is going to drive you up the wall!

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Just check that you have the pivot of the clamp in the correct place - there are two settings - for 26" and 700/29".


I run a Kenda Qwest road tire on my MTB when it's on my TACX and it's been fine - and I alternate between the Road bike and the MTB on the trainer

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