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All about the base, about the base


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Now that the song is stuck in your head, what have you found to work really well when building you aerobic capacity / base?


So many different methods (long slow watt bike, maffatone method, jogging, just riding more, etc)...


I have been told anecdotaly that adding a weekly slow jog pays off more than a slow cycle, with less time committed (60 minutes vs say 90+). Scientifically it shouldn't make any difference as its about your heart working in a range for a certain time, resulting in adaptation, but maybe the added muscular stress from running gives an added bonus. Or maybe I'm just over thinking this whole thing.

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No. Separate. HIIT with HIIT and LISS with LISS. Maybe end off a session of LISS with a single high intensity "interval" but don't mix em.

Yeah agree. That’s why I was asking. Don’t mix in anaerobic. Wouldn’t make sense really. Thanks for the reply ????????

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