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  1. Can only comment on the Snap2 Served me well for 1300km so far. I am hobbyist at best. I am not concerned with needing to calibrate every ride or have power accuracy a small % out. With a trainer or road tyre it is not noisy either. Would recommend it
  2. Reserve looking good. But why of why do people ride the river section when they clearly don't want riders through there? It's not ambiguous. They have sealed if off. I know it's nice single-track but there is a reason it's closed off, likely to protect the birds mentioned in this thread.
  3. How'd you find the ride? Nearly all the climbing came at the end which made it tough. And the descents were rocky, so no let off. I really enjoyed it.
  4. Long sleeve gloves and bas layer long sleeve shirt for me. Shorts. Should be enough.
  5. That is the only info I could find. Apparently we should get a whatsapp with start times (my buddy got one, I did not)
  6. Looks good. How did you access it? If I'm understanding correctly, this is the section that you go under the tunnel to cross the main road to get to? I did this a few weeks ago and found a gate closing off the trails with a "private residence" no entry sign. Unless I'm misunderstanding.
  7. How accurate does it need to be? I have the Snap2 with slicks and one room away from the 2 kids. Doesn't wake them up. Cons - if you want it to be very accurate, it requires you to calibrate it with every ride. Otherwise ticks all the boxes
  8. JK7

    Sani2C May 2021

    Really that easy? Never ridden Sani so genuinely curious if two loops is comparable. I ride modders a lot. So this surprised me.
  9. For a novice like I am, and the only coffee drinker in the house, does anyone have any comment or recommendation regarding the Russell Hobbs Vintage Espresso Coffee Maker https://www.onedayonly.co.za/products/vintage-espresso-coffee-machine-model-rhvem01
  10. Used an MTB with Zwift until recently. What you keen on finding out? Just make sure you don't use an MTB tyre, but a training one. Crazy noisy otherwise
  11. I wouldn't take any stimulant that time of day. Most preworkouts will have caffeine and other stimulants, and that will likely impair sleep, which will be more detrimental than a ride at a reduced effort. Your body will adapt. First few rides will suck. Stick it out. You will get into it. Embrace the suck. More a mental thing at that time of day. Hope that helps. Probably not what you want to hear
  12. They were our maintaining the trails today. It's a big undertaking with all this rain and sun. Very overgrown in sections. Glad to see them working on it though I am unsure why they have changed the river section. Now it veers away from the river for a bit. Strange as that's such a popular section
  13. Was also disappointed with the R10 charge just to buy a coffee. Such a pity, nice to have a coffee after a ride. Maybe someone will take the opportunity to open a mobile coffee spot outside the market entrance, aimed at cyclists and runners. I don't think the market will lose business, as most people will scoff at paying an additional R10 for a coffee anyway.
  14. Was muddy but enjoyed it. I think some sections were cut out due to the rain. Like the river crossing. And I suspect it reduced the single track
  15. Was lucky enough to ride here today (invite only with JMBC club ride) and it is going to be a great race. Some super speedy downhills, some climbs where you have to graft hard, and some freshly cut single track. Really nice place to ride. I'll definitely be going to this race. Also its for a good cause p.s. I have no affiliation with the place or event :-)
  16. Will be fine. I would just skips the 1st reeds section. And the river section will have some branches you will have to potentially go around or hop off for. But last weekend after the rain, was tip top still.
  17. JK7

    Garmin pay

    FNB and Discovery Card both work. Not sure about the others
  18. Is it safe to ride there on a normal weekend? I went in last weekend and an officer told me I could get a permit to ride, but then told me he was worried for my safety. Apparently lots of crime within the area (irony much?!)
  19. Taroko are doing a great job. Place is looking fantastic. Massive improvements all around. Love riding there. What do you think of the graded downhill at the end though? The power lines descent, aka last fast single track. Personally, I'm a little disappointed. Preferred a trickier, adrenaline spiking descent. More friendly to more riders now, but over manicured if you looking for a buzz going down that section. Not a gripe. Just wondering if I'm alone in thinking that sometimes you lose the thrill if there is too much smoothing/grading
  20. Love mine. Have held up well.
  21. Is Northerns a booking-only entry now during COVID? I went to book via FB, and the Ticket-Rush redirect says: "Online tickets not available now. Tickets may still be available at the Venue Box Office."
  22. Park is indeed open. Got response from the park
  23. Anyone know if the park will be open this Monday? Normally closed on Mondays but since it is a public holiday I thought might be open.
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