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Oakley Prescription clip in lenses

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Hi Guys, 


I have been looking for a bit of info on clip in prescription lenses for Oakleys. 


Need to know where i can get them made, and if possible what glasses they fit into? I've searched the net but am not finding much in terms of SA help.  


Ideally i'd like to get a pair of glasses off the hub to keep the price down as well. 



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Any optometrist that has a connection with Oakley will be able to get you prescription lenses for your Oakleys the lenses however are not cheap.


As for the clip ons, I've heard i don't myself wear them is that contacts are better than them, but not everyone can wear contacts.

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Awesome, thanks Guys. 


Will pop in this weekend and chat to them. I was under the impression you had to go through Oakley directly. 

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I had them made for my Jawbreakers, like Meezo said it's not cheap.


I did it about 3 years ago and it was over 5k inluding the frames.


I can't wear contacts so had to go this route.


The larger lense glasses they actually make a cutout in the original lense and place prescription lense into it, it looks a bit sh!t in my opinion but would rather see what's coming than look cool on the trail.

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I have a set of Adidas evil eye with the clip ins. Honestly prefer contacts over this as you have blind spots when looking to the side.

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