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Road crankset on MTB


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Context, my old man and i are seeing who can build the cheapest commuter which is used on both the dirt and tar. 


I have a 3x road crankset at home which i have tried to sell with no luck and have ended up keeping, it comes with a derailleur as well. 


I would like to find out if i would be able to fit this to a MTB using a 3x MTB shifter and then run a 3x10 or even a 3x9 depending on what i can find cheapest, set up on the rear?


In an ideal world a 2x10 would be awesome, but i'm trying to work with what i have here. 


Thanks in advance. 

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I had a road crank on my SS for a couple of years, then it went on to my old 26er which I am now using on the indoor trainer.

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I tried recently to fit a road crank and it didn't work on my Merida MTB frame I use as a gravel bike. Problem was the shape from the BB backwards, the road blades were just too big and touched the frame so much so it didn't fit in all the way!


Hope that makes sense ... Would be important to just check that?

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Generally a road triple was designed for Shimano octalink, campagnolo or sram Road gxp (shorter axle).

Also mostly designed around 68mm bb shell so the typical answer will be no but it depends.

if you have a cannondale with a bb30, bb30 the axle can be changed and it'll work.

But generally a road Crank axle is too short to fit in a mtb 73mm bb shell.


It would help if you could give specific parts you want to fit.

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