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Rockshox SID WC from 100 to 120mm


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Hey guys,


I'm wanting to move from a 100 to 120 fork.


I have a Rockshox SID WC and was chatting to somebody today who said it may be possible to convert the SID to a 120mm.


Interested if anybody has done this before or knows if it's possible.



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To save every gram the stantions are just long enough for 100mm. Went through the exercise with my Spaz a year or two ago.

Even on the new ones if you didn't order a 120mm it will not be able to increase travel.

Take a chance if it says 120mm on the stantion markings (sag) you might be in luck.

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Hi, I had a SID WC 120mm. But the 2016 model. Check your serial number and check out the length of your stantions. If they are the long ones and the fork is set to 100mm you will need to buy a new airshaft, that is all.


BUT: This is a very flimsy fork. I would only recommend it if you are a light rider. It is really not very stiff for a 120mm setup. I changed to an MRP Ribbon and don't look back. To go a bit lighter I would probably now choose the Ribbon SL or the Fox34SC if you need the remote.


Super light forks are for XCO tracks, but I also needed time to settle on this.

Happy experimenting ;)

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Repeating what most have said, if you're over 70kg rather stick to 100mm, if you want to go 120 get a Reba, Pike or 34.


If you're lightweight and a light rider, check the stanchion markings. If they go to 120 all you need is a new spring.

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