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Shimano gurus pse

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Can I use a Shimano 11 spd mtb cassette with 11 spd road shifters ?

Have 11 spd 105 hydraulic shifters on my gravel bike need more at the back can I use mtb cassette ?

I know on SRAM the pull is the same but unsure about Shimano. 



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If you use the road shifters/rd with an mtb cassette it will be fine.


You may need a wolf tooth road link or something to give the RD the range to cover the bigger gears, but the jumps are the same.


You just can't mix the STI's with an MTB rear deraileur as the pull arc differs. The range is the same on the jumps though.

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Thanks thus far.

I have  a Shimano 105 7000 RD which can accommodate 11-34 but there does not seem to be stock of the 105 11-34 in SA hence my question about using mtb cassette  . Current cassette 28T

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ok , those guys at coolheat have got 11-34 hg700 105 in stock .

you can use that with a long cage 7000 rd.


or a bigger mtb ratio with a long cage rd but will need to get a goatlink or wolftooth link thingy .


up to you

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I have been running a Shimano XT 11-40 cassette with an Ultegra Rx800 rear derailleur and a Shimano 105 shifter and it works perfectly.

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