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Plettenberg Bay - Group Rides


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If its road bike then long rides are probably going to have to be done mostly on the N2. You have the option of heading towards Knysna/George or the other way towards Nature's Valley and St Francis and either way you'll have to go out and back. There is a decent shoulder for most of it but it is a highway so cars are going quite fast (though speed limit enforcement is actually very good around there, almost annoyingly so) and at that time of the year the roads are also obviously quite busy. Also, I've never been too sure whether its technically legal to cycle on a national highway like that but plenty of people seem to do it anyway.


If a mountain bike is an option, I'd rather take that because you can still ride it on the tar but it also opens up a whole network of gravel roads, not to mention the trail parks and forests.

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I am looking at taking down my road bike for holidays, can anyone advise if there are either safe routes with shoulders and or group that i can latch onto ?


Much Appreciated 

Have a look at Club100, they have a decently sized group of riders.


Their website link is below:



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If you have a mountain bike I'd rather take that if I were you. I took the MTB and Roadie two years ago and spent almost all my time on the MTB. The N2 between Knysna and Plett scared me, but on the contrary the road out to Nature's Valley had me frothing at the mouth, and a nice solid climb awaits you out of Nature's too. But alas, Garden Route Trail Park and Harkerville is where I spent most of my time. And there are a bunch of dirt roads leading between the farms next to the coast to explore which I didn't even get around to.

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