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It's no secret that the bulk of site activity on Bike Hub takes place in the Classifieds. That doesn't mean the forums and forum user are of no value, quite the contrary, but it does shape our decision making.


On revenue, you're correct, some of it comes from ads which rely on quality traffic for any meaningful return, but we already generate a good chunk of our revenue from the Classifieds in the form of listing fees for dealers and optional upgrades for all users. Much of our Classifieds roadmap focusses on making the buying/selling process safer and more convenient... there's much more to come.

Interesting. I thought most of the revenue came from us Premium User's subscription fees.

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Top Posters In This Topic

We may be part of an outdated culture ... but I also dont do Facebook ... never got the hang of it.


Sadly I have seen at least two forums loose the majority of members after "updates"....


But we all know that updates are part of the electronic era ...




Damned if you do ... damned if you dont ...



THANKS to the mods for a very nice FORUM.

There is nothing to get the hang of..

These are some of the ..for me...best groups I belong to and use.If you sit and wallow amongst friend posts an talk sh*t these are not for you






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