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Maltodextrin and Fructose

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Hi All


Anyone here mixing their own energy drinks using the 2:1 Matodextrin / Fructose Recipe?


I have no idea where to find reasonably priced Maltodextrin and Fructose in Gauteng, any suggestions?

Yes for 3-4 years now.


Fructose at Dischem. Maltodextrin isn't as easy to find....I buy it online from https://www.supplementworld.co.za/npl-maltodextrin.html

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I concur with the interest of the OP. I dread the unnecessary ingredients in almost all the products out there. And the flavors. FFS. Subtle flavour it is always called. After four hours of subtle flavour your are ready to drink pool acid to get rid of it.

Enduren is the only product that I know at the moment that is flavorless does not contain any crap. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any electrolytes. So you have to through in your own (Barry, hint hint!). The step to self-mixing is not far. And the formulation is really not rocked science. Anyway...

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