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Specialized Epic Evo opinions


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I would love to hear from anyone who owns or has ridden the Epic Evo, especially regarding the trail capability. Online reviews suggest a slightly sketchy feeling once trails get rougher, (steep head tube, short reach) which is the main thing holding me back from buying one right now. And the brain (2.0) reviews are pretty polarising.

I would use the bike for stage races like Sani2C or longer ultra-endurance events like Transbaviaans, but I also like some technical descending, but not enduro/downhill course levels.


I'd also like to hear if you think there's a better bike in that class at a similar price point.



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I will tell you in a few weeks , have just traded my Camber in on an Epic evo -  eeek !!! 


Loved my camber all the way down the valley but swore all the way out ;-) 


To be fair I am Specialized Bias and have had Epic , Camber and now back to Epic Evo looking for that happy medium 


Early days but Evo not as planted a Camber and you need to focus , where camber was really robust and planted , you knew you could handle anything.


This is not all bad and the climbing centric will hopefully pay off 

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I've had mine for just under 2 weeks (coming from a HT)

Suspension setup is a BREEZE

I'm still getting used to the geo, my HT is very XC orientated and the epic feels "slow" but I suppose it's me

The dropper is a game changer

The brain feels weird on harder settings (it almost feels like a rim strike when it engages)

Being 2kg heavier than my HT it feels like a tank going up, that being said traction on the rougher climbs is excellent.

this bike comes alive when I point the nose downhill.


edit: pic


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Thanks for the replies.

After phoning all Specialized stores in Gauteng, they are indeed all sold out!

If all else fails, buy a normal Epic, swop out the handlebar for a 760-780mm bar, add a dropper, swop the front tyre for a meatier one, and change out the airspring in the fork for a 120mm spring, and voila - you have an Evo.


Should work out to the same cost, I am sure any concept store will swop the bar and tyre at no cost. The additional cost of a Lyne dropper and Fox/Rockshox air spring should come to the same cost as an Evo.

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Well firstly I personally think it comes down to riding skill. Nino will ride courses with his 100mm xc bike which I would not even attempt with my trail bike. I have had mine for 6 months. Loving it every day. My son also has one. We will not change for anything else. If the brain bothers you open it up all the way. For me it is the perfect bike for Sani etc. Unfortunately there is no enduro bike that weighs and pedals like a Evo.

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If you want more travel than 100mm, there are better options - from Cannondale Scalpel SE on the racy side to Evil Following and Sanfa Tallboy on the trail side.

I also think Spaz will up the travel on a next model to 120mm, which will make your new Epic Eco outdated overnight.

Evo is a bike for dedicated fanboys imo.

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