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what's this then?




powered by procyclingstats.com, it's a transfer market type fantasy game.

it's integrated into the main website, and you start with 5million eur to put a squad together.

buy and sell as they change in value.




there's 10 players registered as ZA registered, i think this could take off so get in now before SAGZ goes over a million bucks..It's obviously a lot more long term than fantasy for a single race, and i guess you can really leave it for a while if you want and you won't miss out. I'm not sure how the algorithms work, if it is related to results/uci points/trading demans or a combination.


(registered mainly to buy cav for 60k, moo ha ha)


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I have now been on this for 2 weeks.

I think it is going to be huge, forget once off fantasy leagues this is ongoing and is really well thought out. I'm just not sure what happens when a rider retires.


in this time we have gone from 10-15 SA registered players, and I'm coming for you underperformer(you early adopter!)







Looks really interesting and fun. Whats your team name name?

Saxonwold Shebeen

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I really thought this would have been a bigger hit as it has been way more interesting than fantasy one off series'


also, you need to be sharp! GT started going backwards and by the time i looked at it 3 hours later, a massive sell-off and i lost about EUR30k before dumping his ass.


interstingly the highest place Saffa is into the EUR7m territory now, but hasn't made a trade in a month


he bought Almeida in early august!

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ok y'all anyone doing this?


just because it's there, i created the BIKEHUB UNOFFICIAL league


if you want in, lemme know through the platform or here.

obviously there are only 9 ZA registered players on the ranking, https://www.procyclinggame.com/league/408/overview so not sure how many are even hubbers.

I do however think that there is a lot of legs in this and it will surely get big. so join up now with your EUR5m or do the short term TdF one when it starts

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I must be doing something very very silly, but how does one create an account? I can only find the option to log in, but not to create a new account

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