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Stolen: Specialized Epic Evo 2020 (Cape Town)

Ant Turner

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Out of Interest, where in Claremont and was it locked to your bike rack?
I often transport my bike around the s burbs on my rack - and have heard of bikes getting stolen, interested in the m.o.a. for your case.
Ps - sorry to hear, hope it all works out ok.

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Sorry about your loss buddy - hope it was insured


Many bikes on racks arent locked, i myself need to start locking them on with an additional bicycle lock


The standard thule lock isnt sufficient.


my rule of thumb, never leave car out of sight if bike is on the rack

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would be great if we could have more details about exact location in these stolen bike reports.


never mind. map was accurate enough.

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Locked how? Just the standard Thule locks or an additional lock.


The more information you can provide, the better it aids others in protecting their gear.

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My rule is never do this unless youre sitting watching the car and bike eg from a restaurant. It sucks that we have to be so careful but this kind of theft is rife here and overseas...

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