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  1. In short yes.add approx 25perc on purchase price. Google search on bikehub, topic is covered in depth
  2. Bike looks sweet! I have kinda same setup. Lyne bars and stem, dropper and rs recon 120mm, 1 x 11 setup. But then changed to lyne carbon bar as the trail chatter got abit hectic or I'm just old Ztr crest wheels. Love the feel of the steel
  3. For reals? We were 5 guys there all disappointed that we couldn't drop down. Flippen a$$h0l3 whoever put it there
  4. Maintenance reinstated again on cobra Was huge disappointment to get to cobra and see that sign
  5. His an approved bike reseller Atleast his pricing is market related 😎
  6. Ad looks dodge , perhaps anyone's bike Also selling a "navigator" Previously advertised on his profile a sworks with power meter I could be wrong but putting it out there
  7. Seems they all sold out, says pre order. Will check when they plan to get new stock in.
  8. Question on sram nx derailleur 12 speed. My cage broke and I already replaced it with Shimano setup. However thinking as a spare, just fit a new cage. Do I fit a gx cage -seems straight fit to me Or should I try out this kcnc cage that's advertised in the classifieds ? Any advice?
  9. Going with the 5nm and some carbon paste Thanks gents
  10. Tried searched the worldwide web but can't find the torque spec required to tighten Lyne Amp handlebar? Do i use 5nm or use amp stem torque guideline but that is alloy?
  11. How do you switch country? Using VPN ?
  12. Genuinely think that when ppl new to the hub are selling something, when you message them you should receive pop up disclaimer "New hub user - please verify sellers authenticity before purchase etc...." Atleast some warning to buyers. Could be for hubber with less than 3 months registration or less than 10 posts etc @Desmonde see if the carbon can be checked and repaired. Sorry about your incident
  13. What broke off that arm? That perhaps what caused Crack or paint crack
  14. Take your time do research. Test friends bikes or go hire a bike and test on trail. Try a hardtail out, then a dual suspension and see what you feel better on. Then save up for what you really want . In my view, 90percent of folks who start on a hardtail, progress to a dual suspension. Some still keep the hardtail as well.
  15. Have you checked out these bikes personally? Taken someone with you that has some experience? Have you tested other bikes? If you deadset on one of these then R6k is an ok amount for the xcaliber, if all components in good condition, brakes working well. Is it Tubeless, if not will cost you additional zar. When last service, check if chain or cassette needs replacement soon. If you can pay R5000 or R5500 then even better. Seen similar spec bikes advertised for R6000 to R9000
  16. If priced the same I would go xcaliber. Has internal cable routing and is generally model up from the marlin. Pending on the year model of either and obviously based on standard equipment and condition of components
  17. Armour ride has free fitment special for month of august
  18. This due to poor service or scott having better product and service?
  19. Fo sure overpriced And year model should be mandatory field 👍🏼
  20. More than swak, fraudulent. Hope you get refund at mountain bru
  21. True they are disclosing it, just might mislead the people that aren't to clued up to believe the fork is fine if it has scratches on. Buy yeah, peeps should educate themselves.
  22. Welldone on the build, looks awesome. Seen many on the road but actually never seen them advertised anywhere
  23. Seems that even suspension specialist selling forked fork stanchions , giving newbies impression that the fork is fine. And it's a trend, a forked fox fork for R7000? Damnnnn
  24. This clarity you provided is key, free normal shipping is royal mail/sapo.
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