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Panorama Tour '07


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I did it last year and it was awesome! A must do! I want to do it again next year but I need to find a buddy first. Hopefully someone in TCS would be keen to join me.

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http://www.coastingafrica.com/images/ballpurple.jpg  Gypsies Travellers Inn  http://www.coastingafrica.com/images/ballpurple.jpg


Physical Address:
Plot 119
White River 
Postal Address:
POBox 1499
White River 1240
EMail: gypseytours@iafrica.com
Phone: (013) 750 0075
Cell: 082 733 3888



Even gypsies settle down sometime. And when they do, they find a quiet spot, park their caravan, build some rooms for fellow wanderers and add a pool for fun. Here fruit trees shade the garden, the beer?s on ice, the cooking pot?s on the fire and the travelling tales are tall?


Rates and extras
Dorms R70; Singles R100; Doubles R160; Camping R30.
Free pick up from KMIA airport, cheap cabs from town.
Nie sleg nie!
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Mango of As jy op discovery is kos 'n round trip jou R 450-00 as jy op goue status is...... Moet se dit klink BAIE tempting. FanieFiets2006-11-09 23:25:11

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Ek is van die ou SA, wat is die KMIA airport???


Teen daai prys klink dit nogal baie tempting.
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Thinking of doing this with my GF on a tandem. Only problem is she has never ridden a bicycle in her life. Will try and whip her into shape between Jan and April!

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Doret and I have been talking about doing it... I just need to learn to climb before then, otherwise the trip's going to be wasted on me!

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I wanted to do it with my husband but in the mixed category the single bikes have to compete with the mixed tandems and as long as they have it organised like that i will definately not do it.  You can't have tandems competing with single bikes!!

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Kulula met discovery vitality

Vitality status Saving
Blue 15%
Bronze 20%
Silver 25%
Gold 30%




Vir British Airways

Vitality StatusRoutePrice for return ticket
BronzeJohannesburg ? Cape Town R850
Johannesburg ? PER850
Johannesburg ? DurbanR660
Cape Town ? DurbanR850
SilverJohannesburg ? Cape Town R680
Johannesburg ? PER680
Johannesburg ? DurbanR530
Cape Town ? DurbanR680
GoldJohannesburg ? Cape Town R480
Johannesburg ? PER480
Johannesburg ? DurbanR460
Cape Town ? DurbanR480


Lyk my net Airlink en Nationwide vlieg soontoe. Sal net 'n hubber moet vra om ons by die lughawe te kom optel.
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Guys and gals Like Epoh said this is a must do!! I did it this year as well with one of my buddies and what an experience. Needless to say we have already booked our place for next year. Oh yes for thos who dont know we are "The Rookies"

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