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Paleo Diet for Athletes

Guest Michelle

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Quite apart from the ongoing dispute about exactly what the paleolithic diet looked like, it's not so much about what the neo-paleolithic diet contains, as what it leaves out, although (as in the case of dairy), some of it's premises are not supported by physiology or common sense. It's the continuing mistake of coincidence being interpeted as causality - just because some practice is followed doesn't mean it is the best practice.


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Just skimmed it but I've been thinking that way for a long time and eating that way for as long. I feel good. am in shape and perform pretty well.
Perform well at what???LOL
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Waffles are easier...


Go to Pick n Pay' date=' buy the 6-pack waffles, pop it in the toaster at home and put anything and everything on it!


Went for a two hour ride this morning, stopped for coffee at one of the girls' houses, went home and me and my friend made ourselves a waffle with caramel and whispers. jummmmmmm!!!Big%20smile (needed some ice cream too though)Embarrassed


Okay, that's it.  I am moving to WC to join Nellie on her morning rides.  I love waffels!
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You can always try my diet:


Food eaten last week:


Mon:  3 rusks and Pro Netro for BF with cold milk

Tues: 4 rusks (sick day)

Wed: 2 rusks and Pro Nutro for BF with cold milk

Thur: a Bean Salda, Cole slaw and Spanish Rice.

Fry:  Slice of bread.  Spanish Rice, and Tuna Mate

Sat:  Eggs, slice of toast.  Stir fry with BP.

Sun:  Bowl of All Bran flakes.


So that is the breakdown of last weeks meals
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Try my diet.

Monday: Vomiting no food

Tues: 1 x Glucose drip

Wed: No food

Thurs: 1 x Glucose drip

Fri: No food

Sat: Lost 5.4 kg with body fat already under 10%
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