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Convert to tubeless

Brakkies Sport Fotos

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Why am I being called a flat bread?


LOL bhaw hee hee sorry tha's very funny for some reason ahhh my tummy hurts
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Yeah and Mavic freewheel bodies are k*k doesn't seem to stop people using them though.


Dead Dont even go there.Let alone the spokes.40 bucks a pop.


Cost me 400 Rand South African to replace all 10 on the drive side when they cut my de railleur in half at Xmas


Will be going for DT Swiss on my new bike(tubeless of course)



careful now' date=' some die hard Crossmax supporter to ashamed to admit he's been had by a French Scam will come out all guns blazing...




[enter mad crossmax support']


how cna you blame ze fleebooodies on yaw zilllie meestakes huh??!

[mad crossmax support leaves]



[enter Shimano Fan]




[shimano Fan leaves]
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Why am I being called a flat bread?


Jislaaik that was funny. I went back to the previous page to see where the he!! someone called you a flat bread and then i went....Lamp.....p i t a


A bit slow tonight EmbarrassedLOL sorry
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