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miss V

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Hi everyone

I am looking for people who have done some Triatlon Xterra, just for general tips etc. As well as anybody training in Pretoria


Then i know there are people who do night rides (mtb) from the Waterkloofridge Lifestyle centre (@ Morne Bester Cycles)

Are any of you on the Hub, or know someone who is donig this?
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Welcome Miss V!


No experience with the Triathlons, but it looks like a great series.


Dark n Dirty rides from Waterkloof and the following people have been known to ride with them:


The Thug

The Panda

Dirt Rider




And some others who I either can't think of, or can't remember their Hub names!
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Welcome to the hub miss V


I know Jan van Rooyen's shop (Running Inn, next to Morne Bester) has a lot of Iron Man guys training there, maybe they have the info you're looking for.
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From what I have heard about the XTerra - if you can mountain bike, you will do well - survive the swim and run, and make up all the time on the bike.

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Welcome miss V, are you going to do the Xterra at Buffelspoortdam?  I will see you there, I'm doing the long distance one. Don't worry about the run, take it easy from the start, after the MTB ride your legs will feel like tree trunks, just keep shuffling forward.

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I also wanna do the Xterra thing, but my foot won't play along now. If you start to train PM me. I can sort of swim, I can bike, but I can't run yet.




Want to do my first on as soon as my foot is fixed.




As for the D&D its lots of fun. You must try it! (and thanks to Cat-i the bug took a chunk out of me smiley2.gif ) Cois2007-01-31 09:56:53

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